More Rings


This arrived today from my friend Paul , who was friendly enough to provide me with a shipping relay as  RPPHOBBY  for some reason does not ship to Slovenia, at least you cannot choose the country in checkout . Shame on you RPP!

The 1.9 Beadlock rings from Gearhead RC are only available at RPP and i really wanted something to make the wheels a bit less stock . Also added a set of Traxxas 5347 rod ends and a black set of Axial wheel nut covers.

I’ve chosen the style number 4 of the Gear Head RC 1.9 Beadlock wheel rings for the Cherokee , they mimic the 1:1 counterparts nicely and have a notch for the valve stem . I’ve only mocked them up on the spare beadlock , but they look great . Im probably going to strip the chrome of the stock Axial beadlocks and respray them black for a better color match.


The only issue i could find is that they are cut from Delrin which is hard to paint , but it won’t be a problem in this case , as i want the whole wheel Black.


comparison to the stock axial beadlock ring

Thanks again for this Paul !


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