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Yesterday i removed the stick on wheel weights which were causing bad tire performance and replaced them with the super hard to get flexible window leading, which a friend of mine sent from the UK.

It comes in a 9mm strip which is flexible and easy to mold into the trough of the Axial 1.9 beadlock . The weight advantage is a bit less that with the stick ons , but for placing its excellent .


170gram per front wheel and 85 per rear wheel

Last time out i noticed a bit of a squeak , so i’ve oiled the driveshaft cups a bit , also i’ve improved the rear pinion angle by making longer upper links. And i’ve cut two bolts down a bit to prevent rubbing on the driveshaft at extreme flex.


deforming again

Today I took it up Roznik again , over the same  route as two days ago and the difference is massive, the front tires deform again and climb. I think i can improve the fronts even more by tweaking with the foams. It was really muddy so the claws got clogged up quickly ,but still held up nicely .


The center of gravity is still too high so i will have to relocate the battery lower , also i need to tweak the ride height because i got high centered a couple times.



all in all i am quite pleased , i’ve solved the tire weight problem , also i’ve managed to find the light cover which is missing in all the pictures 😀


Trouble with Weights

Took the SCX10 up Roznik today which illustrated a couple of problems with the added weights .


If you look at the tires in comparison to when they were not weighted , they look puffed up, thats because the stick on weights increase the diameter of the wheel and that makes the foam bunched up and of centered , it also makes the wheels out of balance , especially the heavier fronts . The fronts also become much much stiffer and loose grip and climbing ability because of this.


Also i’ve experienced a lot of nose overs flips when going down hill , which i presume is exaggerated because of the lack deformation issue . So the weights are coming of and a different solution is in the mail, it should have arrived today .


Those black painted axial 1.9 beadlocks and gear head RC rings sure look nice don’t they ! much better than the stock ones.


oh, one more thing, i’ve changed to the smallest body clips i could find because i kept loosing the big ones , these seem to stay put better , even after about 30-40 rollovers today.


I have a little over a week to fix those issues before the trucks come with me to the seaside .


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