the original … without the mod


Eloy’s Cherokee Grill and the battery plate are installed . The  grill does not line up perfectly with the stickers , but i presume its better if you apply the stickers and the grill at the same time during the build. To remedy the grill stickers being misaligned, i’ve put a fine mosquito mesh painted black behind it with a bit of shoe goo to secure it . It’s a subtle detail but very rewarding . Before i bought it was thinking of painting it black , but i kinda like the way it is .

with the added mesh behind

with the added mesh behind

The battery plate Eloy makes helps so much with lowering the center of gravity . The improvement is significant ,add to that i’ve vented the wheels and the improvement gets even better . its a well recommended accessory for any SCX10. I need to redo the electronics wiring to the new layout and reapply waterproofing , but for the summer it will stay the way it is .

the wiring needs a bit of work

the wiring needs a bit of work

To test it all out , the usual Roznik route was in order and i am well happy with the improvements. The weight behind the front axle helps with climbing, another thing i did to the suspension is to put the front shocks on the rear most top mounting hole , this provides a bit more travel to the shocks. Last time i wrote that i need to raise the preload to prevent high centering, but in the end i did the exact opposite with only so much preload that the springs don’t flop around, as now the weight balance allows me to hop/drag the rear tires over the ledge , just like the 1:1 rigs do .On the part of the trail with loads of roots i had problems with last time , no more problems 😀 Also , the front over roll overs seem to have disappeared, only got them at one point where i was going front first downhill over a ledge.


climbs better ,much better

The only issue i have at the moment is that the rear axle is a bit out of position. That’s a side effect of fixing the angle of the rear drive shaft , so i need to play around with the rear links to fix that. The truck seems quieter now, but thats a plus. I have lost the damn front headlight cover again , so i need to paint the new one and glue the sucker into place.




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