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here is another cheap and effective SCX10 upgrade . I got it used for 16 GBP from the UK .

Axial AX30464 SCX10/AX10 CVDs



The cvds should improve the turn circle quite a bit in conjunction with the over drive front gears. I had a friend do a little mod to the GT2 transmitter to extend the endpoints of the servo, but to get  the full throws i will have to get a better transmitter, probably a GT3c.



Whilst i had the truck upside down i have replaced the aluminium tubes on the lower links, the older ones were too big, the new ones are M4 sized and should slide better, also they look better . Remember to use safety glasses whilst using the Dremel ! I had a disk disintegrate today and fly directly towards my eyes , the glasses saved me .




The heat wave that ended last week finally gave me some initiative to get back into RC . Also , the Rc room was being used for something else , so even when i wanted to i couldn’t get anything done.

Anyhow , lastweek a small envelope arrived from the US containing :

– AX30401 Heavy Duty Bevel Gear Set – 36T/14T Over drive gears

– Associated Green Slime

Money is tight , so small upgrades are in order. The Overdrive gears should give the SCX10 Cherokee a better turning circle and improved crawling capabilities . The green slime was just cheap enough to not bump up the postage and it should prove useful when building/rebuilding shocks.




So today i’ve put the RC room into its original role and pulled the front axle of the SCX10 apart and installed the overdrive gears . It was a bit messy (very messy) because of the grease in the axles . Everything went together fine and an extra bonus is that the output shaft is the newer style with the drilled  hole  and the set screw pin .



Took the truck up the Roznik route and there definitely is an improvement in the turning circle when you are moving as the front axle turns faster than the rear one , but the universals are still high on the upgrade list .

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