here is another cheap and effective SCX10 upgrade . I got it used for 16 GBP from the UK .

Axial AX30464 SCX10/AX10 CVDs



The cvds should improve the turn circle quite a bit in conjunction with the over drive front gears. I had a friend do a little mod to the GT2 transmitter to extend the endpoints of the servo, but to get  the full throws i will have to get a better transmitter, probably a GT3c.



Whilst i had the truck upside down i have replaced the aluminium tubes on the lower links, the older ones were too big, the new ones are M4 sized and should slide better, also they look better . Remember to use safety glasses whilst using the Dremel ! I had a disk disintegrate today and fly directly towards my eyes , the glasses saved me .



2 thoughts on “CVD’d

  1. Lars says:

    whats type of alu tubeing / links are you using ?

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