The other day i’ve installed a 35t motor into the SCX10 , its this one , it comes from the same factory as the King Bolt, Ansmann and RC4WD and it was a bit cheaper than the Tamiya CR35 (cheap enough shipped for no customs 🙂 ) . Before the installation it went trough a break in procedure of 5 min at 3v and 5min at 5v. The top speed is a bit lower than the stock 27t axial , but the low end control and the torque is visibly better, also it still has plenty of wheel speed to clear the tires .

notice the new motor

notice the new motor

since i had the truck electronics opened i did a bit of cable management . The LED and Servo Wires went into a spiral hose to protect them, also i somehow managed to break one of the white LEDs so i replaced the simple axial light controller with a GT Power one , this one makes the front and rear lights be at 50 % when not moving and they light up more when you give it some speed/brake. I have to fiddle around with it some more when install the light buckets to the body . Also i’ve shoe gooed the light bucket covers which my dad painted with his steady hand to keep them from falling of  as per usual.

a bit neater

a bit neater

The old bent steering link was always turning down and getting caught on everything, i made a new one and added the aluminium tube as to the lower links and bent it a bit to clear the pumpkin, also i’ve made a new drag link and moved it to the other side so its now longer and it should be better on the steering. With with the aluminium tubing the links looks so much better now. Notice on the upper picture that the wheels are a bit toe out , this should help with the turning circle a bit more as well.


Things i still need to do is make a servo wire extension so i can move  the Castle BEC next to the motor . Also i need to make some kind of a bracket for cable routing , and get a project box to put the light controller and the receiver into it as the axial one is a bit tight on space.  Oh and get better two sided tape .

This was a  summary of the work done since last time and now to todays trail report.

notice the new steering link

notice the nice new steering link

The 2 hour classic route on Roznik was a shakedown after all the new improvements : CVDS, 35t motor, new lower and steering links.

The ground was a bit softer than usual as it was raining for the last week, that allowed to test the wheel speed of the new 35t on loose ground. Im loving the new motors low end control and more torque.

more control

more control

The new made links slider much better , ill probably make some bent ones when i get a proper bender to see if that reduces the high centering , especially the rear could use a bit more clearance , if that does not help ill get a bit taller tire , but thats not really something i would like to do as it would take the truck into class 2 .


turns better

All the improvements to the turning circles are paying of , the lines i can take are tighter and turning around is easier , but im not there yet, some high steer knuckles and the accompanying aluminium c hubs are the final step.

taller tires maybe ?

a bit of flex

The second part of route i spend bouncing up and down ledges. I made a little ad hoc video about it . Enjoy!




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