Lil Squeaky

Whilst i was out yesterday I decided that today i would take the Wraith the same route up Roznik to do a fresh comparison of the two trucks


Here it is :

– the Wraith needs to slow down , right now its too fast and maybe i’ve been spoiled by the low end of the new 35t ,but i feel it needs a bit more low end grunt , ill try the smallest pinion i have first.

– the difference of the wide stance makes a big difference on climbing

– i still manage to make some flips over the rears, so a set of overdrive gear might be in order

– the steering circle in tight spaces is still tight.

– whilst i got up some of the obstacles the scx-10 has had issues , the wraith got hung up on some the scx-10 had no problems, especially on the narrow parts.


– the front tires need more weight,as the fronts seem to light .

– speaking of tires , they also need better foams

– i forgot how strong the Savox servo is .

– there is some squeaking going on when the links flex , might also be the cvds that need a shot of WD40, also on closer inspection the front upper links are bent a bit, that needs replacing too.

– a rebuild of the drive train is in order as the rear diff sometimes clicks.

– as on the scx-10 i need to finalize the wiring and move the esc to the back to make space for a servo winch.


– the hood needs some more magnets as it opened once on a particularly heavy rollover

– after an hour i believe the LVC kicked in, it must be the combo of the bigger tires, faster (25t) motor and the heavier weight.  I forgot to bring a spare 😀

– i was thinking that if i had to recommend a vehicle for someone to get into scaling it would still be the Wraith over a SCX10 , its a bit more forgiving and easier to transit from a faster vehicle.

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