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Gears, Shims and Oil (Aftermath part 2)

The great rebuild continues . Last week a package from the US arrived , the bad bad people on customs stuck me with a charge of 12 Eur for a 32 Eur package …


The parts are the following

Axial AX30395 Heavy Duty Bevel Gear Set – 38T/13T 

2x  Axial AX30205 Spring 12.5x40mm 2.7 lbs/in – Super Soft (Red) 

at the local hobby shop i also picked up

LRP 30wt Silicone shock Oil

LRP clutch shims

During the last couple of days i have done lots of work on the trucks.

On the Wraith i’ve replaced the front axle gears with the HD ones and shimmed the gears on both axles.  I’ve cleaned up all the shocks and rebuilt the front ones completely . One of the front ones seem to need a new shock cap as it popped of a couple of time during the bleeding .


On the SCX10 i’ve cleaned and rebuilt all of the shocks with the new LRP 30 wt oil and replaced the stock bigger springs with the softer red ones .  The axles i also shimmed  which was a very very very messy job with the grease in them , oh boy was it messy . On the rear gear i’ve changed the output shaft from the wraith gears so its now the newer drilled trough one. Also i’ve switched over the rear shaft to the traxxas .


On the Wraith i’ve tested an idea of putting the mesh on the back of the bed and it looks good . Since the inner fenders are on the way i have opened up the Wraith and removed the body panels and the electronics and will finally finalize the rear placement .


The aftermath part 1

This is what arrived yesterday, all from asiatees

Axial AX30835 Axial SCX10 Aluminum Servo Horn 24T (Hard Anodized)

Axial AX80049 Axial SCX10 Axial LED Lens Set – Yellow/Clear (4pcs)

GPM WR024BK Axial Wraith Aluminum Servo Mount – 3pcs Set Black



I’ve installed the Wraith servo mount and its stronger than the stock one , i’ve also reused the shorter wraith servo plate on the scx10.

on the SCX10 i’ve changed the servo horn the axial alu one , size wise its about the same as the sanded down answer rc one i use on the wraith. i did the sanding by hand before i got the dremel, hence the ghetto look.



The driveshaft which slipped of the yoke was preety bent , so i replaced it with the Traxxas 1951 driveshaft pair . It just slipped on without a problem, good thing i bought it in advance last year.



The Wraith has developed a particular issue in the gearbox , but more on that next time.

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Terra Rosa

From Monday to Friday we took a small break to the seaside town of Novigrad in Croatia. The Axials came with us and on Wednesday the weather cleared and out we went .

The terrain this time was terra rosa, the red claylike dirt of Istria and the rocks by the sea. It was a first proper rock terrain and it was a glorious 2 hour outing in the sun.

The trucks held up great , the Wraith had its front drive shaft screw unscrew itself , screwed it back and onwards it went. It also lost the m3 lock nut on the servo horn but it still ran as the ball head had no room to slip of.  I need to add some m3 locknuts to the field kit .

The SCX10 drive shaft snapped of the yoke right at the end. i haven’t fixed that yet, but i do have some traxxas drive shafts which should do the trick. In the warmer temperature the memory foams in the baja claws performed very well but i still plan to replace them with some of Martin’s foams. Mojca really enjoyed driving the Cherokee , i guess its about time we get her a Rubicon

Overall im really happy ! it was a great holiday !

Que the pictures…














and the complementary too long video featuring squeaks and lots of roll overs


Today me and  friend of mine took both the truck up Roznik. I was meaning to go test out the Wraith before the holiday so i know its solid . Well guess what . Both trucks broke down even before the root area started.  It was a shame because my friend was really enjoying his first time , even though he has a lead foot.

woodside pitstop

woodside pitstop

The Wraith didn’t like the low gearing combo and just would not run after a while . Also it was a bit loud. I guess the 14 pinion 87 spur was a bit too much.

The SCX10 broke the pin in the Axial Universals , it might have been a bad pin or the end points or a culminations of all .

It was all too much to fix in the field, so we packed the trucks up and went up the hill for a coffee.

pin fix

pin fix

The fixes at home were quite easy, the SCX10 cvd pin replacement is a 1.5mm drill bit cut down to size . On the Wraith i took the 24t motor out and put the 27t Axial motor in and changed the pinion back to the 17 tooth. I need to get a 16 tooth pinion somewhere.

Boxed Cold Foams Flip Less

Lets do a little round up of the work done since last time

Foam changes


1.9 on the left , 2.2 foam on the right

I’ve taken the SCX10 wheels apart and replaced the foams with some proline 2.2 foams i had in the Dual Hunter . This was done to improve the firmness of the side wall of the 4.19″ Baja Claws . Did it work ?  Check Bellow .

Stock foam on the left , 2.2 foam on the right

Stock foam on the left , 2.2 foam on the right

As the picture shows , the 2.2 foamed tire holds its form a bit better , but is still soft enough to bite into obstacles.  One issue with this is , that the foam im currently using is memory foam which reacts to temperature and gets harder when it gets colder, more on that later .

Electronics tidying up


no more wiring mess

The wiring mess i got after relocating the electronics to the plate was bugging me ever since, also i had this nagging feeling in the back of my head that a cable will get snagged in the spur . I got two project boxes with good dimensions (90x50x32)  at the local electronics supplier and made a spacer to mount them above the screws of the plate. I used Velcro for the final installation so the boxes are easily removable.


notice the shoddy cut by the switch 😀

The right box holds the ESC and the BEC (with a fixed cable which was causing the weird cut outs. The cable also got an extension). The Esc and BEC cable is in a cable protector and routed under the battery plate to the other side . I also badly cut a hole for the on/off switch. The left box contains the LED controller and the receiver . The only exposed cables are the motor wires which are in a makeshift brace so they don’t flop around and the power cables which are now just long enough.

Field Testing




All the work above was done on various evenings , The test  was done today in the late afternoon. It lasted an hour and a half and the route was a the extended Roznik one . The ground was a bit softer than usual as it has  been raining on and of for the last couple of days . The electronic boxes held up perfectly even after some epic rollovers , so nothing to add there. They kept the inside area nice and clean even with the opened rear area which i still haven’t fixed.

before it would roll at this point

before it would roll at this point

The tires improved very very much on the side hill stability , it still rolls , but at a much much steeper grade than before . The foams might be a bit too stiff on the traction side but this is probably a side effect of the memory foam getting hard because of the cold temperatures (it was around 12-15 degrees) but it was still an over all improvement on the stocks because i wasn’t rolling over every time i took a hill sideways.  I’ll probably get a set of different foams to see if that helps. The rear tires need a bit more bite to it.

no roll today

no roll anymore

One thing I’m thinking is that i will probably need some taller tires as the ground clearance could be a bit higher . Im not thinking of a huge increase, 7mm which the Pitbulls offer over the Baja Claws.  But that will open a whole new can of problems with body rubbing and a need for wheel arches . Also , i want to add some lights to the body and the bumpers and the sliders.

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