Boxed Cold Foams Flip Less

Lets do a little round up of the work done since last time

Foam changes


1.9 on the left , 2.2 foam on the right

I’ve taken the SCX10 wheels apart and replaced the foams with some proline 2.2 foams i had in the Dual Hunter . This was done to improve the firmness of the side wall of the 4.19″ Baja Claws . Did it work ?  Check Bellow .

Stock foam on the left , 2.2 foam on the right

Stock foam on the left , 2.2 foam on the right

As the picture shows , the 2.2 foamed tire holds its form a bit better , but is still soft enough to bite into obstacles.  One issue with this is , that the foam im currently using is memory foam which reacts to temperature and gets harder when it gets colder, more on that later .

Electronics tidying up


no more wiring mess

The wiring mess i got after relocating the electronics to the plate was bugging me ever since, also i had this nagging feeling in the back of my head that a cable will get snagged in the spur . I got two project boxes with good dimensions (90x50x32)  at the local electronics supplier and made a spacer to mount them above the screws of the plate. I used Velcro for the final installation so the boxes are easily removable.


notice the shoddy cut by the switch 😀

The right box holds the ESC and the BEC (with a fixed cable which was causing the weird cut outs. The cable also got an extension). The Esc and BEC cable is in a cable protector and routed under the battery plate to the other side . I also badly cut a hole for the on/off switch. The left box contains the LED controller and the receiver . The only exposed cables are the motor wires which are in a makeshift brace so they don’t flop around and the power cables which are now just long enough.

Field Testing




All the work above was done on various evenings , The test  was done today in the late afternoon. It lasted an hour and a half and the route was a the extended Roznik one . The ground was a bit softer than usual as it has  been raining on and of for the last couple of days . The electronic boxes held up perfectly even after some epic rollovers , so nothing to add there. They kept the inside area nice and clean even with the opened rear area which i still haven’t fixed.

before it would roll at this point

before it would roll at this point

The tires improved very very much on the side hill stability , it still rolls , but at a much much steeper grade than before . The foams might be a bit too stiff on the traction side but this is probably a side effect of the memory foam getting hard because of the cold temperatures (it was around 12-15 degrees) but it was still an over all improvement on the stocks because i wasn’t rolling over every time i took a hill sideways.  I’ll probably get a set of different foams to see if that helps. The rear tires need a bit more bite to it.

no roll today

no roll anymore

One thing I’m thinking is that i will probably need some taller tires as the ground clearance could be a bit higher . Im not thinking of a huge increase, 7mm which the Pitbulls offer over the Baja Claws.  But that will open a whole new can of problems with body rubbing and a need for wheel arches . Also , i want to add some lights to the body and the bumpers and the sliders.

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