Today me and  friend of mine took both the truck up Roznik. I was meaning to go test out the Wraith before the holiday so i know its solid . Well guess what . Both trucks broke down even before the root area started.  It was a shame because my friend was really enjoying his first time , even though he has a lead foot.

woodside pitstop

woodside pitstop

The Wraith didn’t like the low gearing combo and just would not run after a while . Also it was a bit loud. I guess the 14 pinion 87 spur was a bit too much.

The SCX10 broke the pin in the Axial Universals , it might have been a bad pin or the end points or a culminations of all .

It was all too much to fix in the field, so we packed the trucks up and went up the hill for a coffee.

pin fix

pin fix

The fixes at home were quite easy, the SCX10 cvd pin replacement is a 1.5mm drill bit cut down to size . On the Wraith i took the 24t motor out and put the 27t Axial motor in and changed the pinion back to the 17 tooth. I need to get a 16 tooth pinion somewhere.

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