Terra Rosa

From Monday to Friday we took a small break to the seaside town of Novigrad in Croatia. The Axials came with us and on Wednesday the weather cleared and out we went .

The terrain this time was terra rosa, the red claylike dirt of Istria and the rocks by the sea. It was a first proper rock terrain and it was a glorious 2 hour outing in the sun.

The trucks held up great , the Wraith had its front drive shaft screw unscrew itself , screwed it back and onwards it went. It also lost the m3 lock nut on the servo horn but it still ran as the ball head had no room to slip of.  I need to add some m3 locknuts to the field kit .

The SCX10 drive shaft snapped of the yoke right at the end. i haven’t fixed that yet, but i do have some traxxas drive shafts which should do the trick. In the warmer temperature the memory foams in the baja claws performed very well but i still plan to replace them with some of Martin’s foams. Mojca really enjoyed driving the Cherokee , i guess its about time we get her a Rubicon

Overall im really happy ! it was a great holiday !

Que the pictures…














and the complementary too long video featuring squeaks and lots of roll overs

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