The aftermath part 1

This is what arrived yesterday, all from asiatees

Axial AX30835 Axial SCX10 Aluminum Servo Horn 24T (Hard Anodized)

Axial AX80049 Axial SCX10 Axial LED Lens Set – Yellow/Clear (4pcs)

GPM WR024BK Axial Wraith Aluminum Servo Mount – 3pcs Set Black



I’ve installed the Wraith servo mount and its stronger than the stock one , i’ve also reused the shorter wraith servo plate on the scx10.

on the SCX10 i’ve changed the servo horn the axial alu one , size wise its about the same as the sanded down answer rc one i use on the wraith. i did the sanding by hand before i got the dremel, hence the ghetto look.



The driveshaft which slipped of the yoke was preety bent , so i replaced it with the Traxxas 1951 driveshaft pair . It just slipped on without a problem, good thing i bought it in advance last year.



The Wraith has developed a particular issue in the gearbox , but more on that next time.

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