Gears, Shims and Oil (Aftermath part 2)

The great rebuild continues . Last week a package from the US arrived , the bad bad people on customs stuck me with a charge of 12 Eur for a 32 Eur package …


The parts are the following

Axial AX30395 Heavy Duty Bevel Gear Set – 38T/13T 

2x  Axial AX30205 Spring 12.5x40mm 2.7 lbs/in – Super Soft (Red) 

at the local hobby shop i also picked up

LRP 30wt Silicone shock Oil

LRP clutch shims

During the last couple of days i have done lots of work on the trucks.

On the Wraith i’ve replaced the front axle gears with the HD ones and shimmed the gears on both axles.  I’ve cleaned up all the shocks and rebuilt the front ones completely . One of the front ones seem to need a new shock cap as it popped of a couple of time during the bleeding .


On the SCX10 i’ve cleaned and rebuilt all of the shocks with the new LRP 30 wt oil and replaced the stock bigger springs with the softer red ones .  The axles i also shimmed  which was a very very very messy job with the grease in them , oh boy was it messy . On the rear gear i’ve changed the output shaft from the wraith gears so its now the newer drilled trough one. Also i’ve switched over the rear shaft to the traxxas .


On the Wraith i’ve tested an idea of putting the mesh on the back of the bed and it looks good . Since the inner fenders are on the way i have opened up the Wraith and removed the body panels and the electronics and will finally finalize the rear placement .


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