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Servo winch and how easy it is to make one .

Things you will need :

– a servo (used a cheap towerpro clone i had spare)


-spool (a friend made this one for me out of two servo horns)


Open up the servo , the top gear is the you care about


Use a pair of pliers to remove the pin which prevents the 360 rotation , on the inside there is a plastic slot which controls the pot, ream or remove that slot so it wont touch the pot.


plug in the servo and turn the pot so the servo stops spinning . once you find the position , put some CA glue on it so the pot wont move anymore.


reassemble the servo and enjoy more power


the issues i ran into are that i have no proper CA glue so im not sure if the pot is glued correctly which might be the reason im getting the drift of the winch. if i can’t fix that i will get a HeyOk no drift winch controller.

Here is a nice video (not by me) that explains the whole process in a bit more lengthy way


High steering

I scored a set of Hot racing AX10 High Steer Knuckles from my mate Pete .They look about the same as the axial ones in shape and form.



The installation went fine although at first i was planing to install the link above the hole , but it was interfering with the servo horn .



After a bit of cutting of threaded rods and  bending i mocked up the new steering links . i bent them in the vise . There is a bit of toe out to combat the Ackerman at full lock.20131120-highsteered2

This is probably as much as an angle i can get without the XR mod , i had to back up the steering end points a bit to stop the tires from hitting the shocks.

Stars and Fenders

On monday a large but light package arrived from Martin @ RCBITZ

They are the  follow up parts to the Seaside crawl :

RC4WD Wraith Inner Fenders

Set of 4 Star cut foams 2.2 




More on the foams will follow in a separate post , and now to the Wraith inner fenders.

The inner fenders come in a huge bag in 4 separate pieces , the moulding isn’t of tamiya quality but its ok . the lexan is nice and thick. I had to do some extra trimming for Eloys droop kit.20131111-fenderedstars3

There is plenty of material in the original design so more trimming is in order , i cut one side and Mojca did the other one and the holes for the droop kit. Hers was better.



The fenders were painted with PS-5 Black then followed up with a bit of PS-55 flat clear. This was done for two purposes , first i did not want the black to stand out that much and second it was test of how PS-55 works, which will be used in a future project .

20131115-fenderedstars4 20131115-fenderedstars5


The mounting is quite solid especially on the back where it notches into the the rear , wish they did that in the front too. I was afraid it would interfere with Eloys front battery plate , but i can attest that it does not .

20131115-fenderedstars8 20131115-fenderedstars7


Overall its a nice upgrade . it adds to the looks and keeps crap out of the front under hood area. The closing of the rear area allows me to start finishing the electronics placement in the back.



more on this , in the next post

Braces for the Wraith

one of the more annoying things in the rear of the wraith was the shock brace which limited the internal space.

the mess before

the mess before

i didn’t have any posts long enough so i made some out of m3 threaded rod , aluminium tube and some nuts . a bit of measuring and dremeling later…


Hopefully tomorrow the internal fenders arrive so i can start the mockup and make the cable extensions.



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