Servo winch and how easy it is to make one .

Things you will need :

– a servo (used a cheap towerpro clone i had spare)


-spool (a friend made this one for me out of two servo horns)


Open up the servo , the top gear is the you care about


Use a pair of pliers to remove the pin which prevents the 360 rotation , on the inside there is a plastic slot which controls the pot, ream or remove that slot so it wont touch the pot.


plug in the servo and turn the pot so the servo stops spinning . once you find the position , put some CA glue on it so the pot wont move anymore.


reassemble the servo and enjoy more power


the issues i ran into are that i have no proper CA glue so im not sure if the pot is glued correctly which might be the reason im getting the drift of the winch. if i can’t fix that i will get a HeyOk no drift winch controller.

Here is a nice video (not by me) that explains the whole process in a bit more lengthy way


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