A new leaf … Sawback build pt1

What is this ? a new Kit after a whole year of just hop ups  ? I have been saving money trough out the year. At first the funds were meant for Mojca’s Rubicon, but then this got released.

Straight from Korea

Gmade 1/10 GS01 Sawback 4WD Kit

GS01 Front Drive CVA Kit


I have been eyeing this truck ever since details started to appear, a leaf suspension based truck for Dingo Kit money , what is there not to like there!  I will change the body to something different, but more on that when it arrives .


First building impressions are overly positive, the packaging is nice and effective, the manual also. The reinforced plastics give an over all Tamiya vibe which is very good .  I like the one piece locker spool. The screws are philips headed which is a bit of a bummer, but they are good quality and are machine screws not the self cutting ones.


The only upgrade i went with out of the box are the CVA’s which improve the stock steering of 32 degrees to 42. They went together nicely , except for the joint grease getting everywhere and making it dirty. The shafts look pretty stout and a bit different to the touch of the metals i’m used too, but probably it is because it is the carbon steel which Gmade uses.


The use of 4mm E-rings for holding bearings on the straight rear axle also reminded me of Tamiya .


The axles came together nicely , plus points for the differential covers being metal and not chromed plastic.

Due to other obligations this is all that i was able to build for today , but i must say i am overly impressed by the kit, the skepticism of some of the people on RCC was unfair.


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