Chassied… Sawback Build pt2

Woohoo, more than 10.000 views ! not bad isn’t it ?


With the leafs i went against the manual and put the medium under the big spring, this should be good to prevent bending of the main spring according to RCC, i have no experience with leaf suspensions so ill be going with that for a start.


i like how the leaf holder and the hoops are metal. the lock nut combination bolt combination makes it easier to judge how much you have tightened them , so the pressure is even on the leaf.


i had a bit of a problem of getting the ball cups into the steering rods . its easier if you hold the ball cup with pliers and try to move the plastic instead of the other way around it is with traxxas rod ends.


The transmission went together pretty smoothly , still no sign of self tapping plastic screws which gets a big thumbs up !!


The skid plate with the rollers is a bit different , don’t know if i will keep it this way . the gearbox mounting screws are the same length , so  there is no chance of a mixup like with the axial.


The drive shafts look robust , had to trim a bit of fleshing of. The yokes only have one pin the other on is put in separately then locked with a grub screw .


The driveshafts and outputs are cross drilled same as the with axial, but are longer , i don’t think they will back out.


The chassis and metals parts are super shiny , maybe a bit too much , might strip it later and repaint black.


The shackle mounts have plastic crush tubes in between them and the chassis , this seems as good solution so you don’t bend them by over tightening.


The body posts and shock mounts use serrated edge lock nuts for a secure hold.


Chassis rails built and ready , I have swapped around the body posts as the intended body will be taller on the back than on the front.  I had a bit of an issue finding a proper length screw then i realized that one more screw bag has not been opened .


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