its a roller ! … Sawback build pt3

The build is in the final stretch


its easier to bolt on all the bits to one chassis rail , since its stiffer


it was a bit fiddly getting the nuts into the mounting hole


mounting the axles is the same as with the shackles with more plastic crush tubes and nuts and lock nuts


i was quite surprised with the friction shocks on how smooth they are , they were a bit weird to build with the small c rings which limit the shock travel. whilst putting the first one in i figured out that its much easier if you use a small allen key to push it in whilst holding the other side with your fingers, when one side pops in , just hold it there and use the allen key to pop the other side in , very easy .


i like how the shock don’t use a ball cup but a  flanged holder .


the super shiny bumper uses two serrated lock nuts for mounting , getting those into position was a bit frustrating but nothing like the next bit .


Dear Gmade , the 3 piece bead lock design needs a bit of a rethink , it took me about two hours of getting them together perfectly, even the cat was not amused !


the 3 piece wheel looks nice but getting it together and making it stay on the bead was a pain .


you are supposed to use two longer screws to bring the pieces together then add the smaller 10mm ones and then replace the longer ones.


i had problems of getting equal pressure on both beads , so if one side was right the other had a spot where it didn’t engage the bead. it took me ages of a million retries to get all 4 done.


i don’t know if its the bead size of these tires which makes them problematic for the 3 piece internal beadlock design .  I might try them out later on with a different style of wheel.


the wheel pin hex adaptors are plastic, i wish they were metal. They do include two different offsets out of the box.


The cat decided to join in and now we have a rolling chassis, next step the electronics and the mods , but first one more cat picture.


He is a roller too 😀


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