CMS mod and new wheels … Sawback Builld pt5

its modding time.


The Sawback CMS (chassis mounted servo) is super easy to do , as the stock servo mount lines up with the holes of the body and shock mount. i use two of the left over spacers to space the holes away from the chassis and longer screws from the kit left overs. Then you just mount the servo upside down and space it down with anything you can find, i used some 3mm nuts and servo mount dampers.


I have also used some plastic spacers to move the tie rod above the leaf and made a new longer drag link so i get equal servo throw in both directions. If you use the stock drag link then its basically a free mod since most of the hardware is included .


Next i have added some of these wonderful RC4wd Dick Cepek Gun Metal 7 1.9″ Internal Beadlock Wheels , i got them used a while back for a  different project, but they will sit on this one now. They look absolutely wonderful. The wheel weights on them are 70grams in the front and 60grams in the back , which adds up to the 67grams of the wheels itself.


To make the installation easier i used this little contraption made out of a bolt a lock nut and two servo horns .


It provides and easier way to apply equal pressure on both sides of the bead.


you line the beads up on the front , add the front internals, then line up the rear bead in the back and apply the rear ring then screw the holder together to add pressure, then just screw the wheel together, much easier than applying pressure by hand.


before mounting the tires i gave them a thorough wash with a degreaser, they should be more sticky now.

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