Blazer body … Sawback build pt6

More Sawback progress , the body arrived today .


it is a PL3244-00 Pro-Line 1980 Chevy Blazer Clear Body for T-Maxx/Savage/Revo 2.5 

the wheelbase is 2mm shorter than the GS01 Chassis and it shows in the front , but with a bit of cutting in the front it will be fine , i’m not going for the total stock look anyway.



i mock mounted with some spare aluminium tubing , the way it is now ,it sits too high , i also need to chop up the front and remove the molded bumper and the grill.



the grill area will get replaced by a clodbuster abs chevy replica, i might go for sdi square arches as well .



also i want to make some stealth mounts this time so there won’t be any body pins used , also i need make up my mind on the paint scheme , i’m almost there , almost


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