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The 2 year place holder

its been two years since this blog started. I am sure you are expecting more on the Sawback Blazer , well you will have to wait for two more weeks. I will be out of the country till then , so with that i leave you with this lovely cut out



see you soon!


Its all coming together … Sawback Build pt 9



It’s been a tough last week , i’ve been sick ,  but finally all the body parts are here.

– Tamiya PS59 Dark Metallic Blue

– Tamiya PS1 White

– Tamiya PS57 White Pearl

– used Super Clodbuster grill 

– Chevy Grill insert

Also i’ have finally solved the wheel base problem, so here is the definite guide on how to get the 285mm wheelbase on the Sawback:



on the front you move the rear fixed shackle back one hole and drill the other one , on the front front you flip the front shackle holder so it points backwards, you also flip the shackle , if that does not provide the desired wheelbase , remove the leafs and bend them together a bit , you can also do that on the back.

Electronics and Drilling … Sawback built pt8

The electronics for the Sawback are now finalized and installed:

– Savox SC-0251 MG Servo

– Axial AE-2 ESC

– Mabuchi 540SH 27 turn motor 

– Castle 10Amp BEC



The ESC i got used from a friend , its a Castle Sidewinder basically , great little ESC , The motor is a stand in until i can get my hands on a 35t, the servo i had planed for the next scaler project, its running on 6v coming from a Castle BEC.



i drilled a new hole on the front of the chassis and moved the front fixed shackle back a bit , this shortens the wheelbase a bit .



the body does not sit right at the moment , because the front is too high , so next step will be the cutting.

Proper CMS … Sawback Build Pt7

Time for a proper CMS  for the Sawback…



GM52411S  Gmade  GS01 Chassis Mounted Steering Servo Kit

The DIY cms as is free and all , but i did not like the way it flexes , and for less than 20eur shipped from Junfac this was a no brainer.



This one goes into the chassis sideways so no more flex, it also stiffens the chassis significantly. all the hardware is hex this time . The frame screws go into the body posts holes.



i plan to do some wheelbase mods so i didn’t tighten down the steering .

Lets Review 2013


another year done , lets do some stats:

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 19.36.19

top 20 visiting countries


This blog was viewed about 5,900 times

The visitors came from 80 countries, most of them from Slovenia. The United States & The United Kingdom were not far behind.

In 2013, there were 37 new posts

183 pictures were uploaded, taking up a total of 42 MB. That’s about 4 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was May 25th with 87 views



i bought 1 new RC kit , the Sawback , a coaxial heli and trainer plane

sold some parts 

bought lots of hop ups 

the best tool bought were the EDS metric bit driver heads.

saved up money and spent it wisely



things to do in 2014:

– do some on road again 

sell the Blitz

– finish the Lexan Blitzer Beetle body

– finish leftovers from last year

complete the D110

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