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Here are the bumpers !


fresh from the powder coating here are the custom. bumpers and sliders my dad made . Turns getting bumpers made for a body which isn’t on exactly straight can be a bit of a bother.


the front bumper features a winch fairlead made by friend , the design idea was to allow a better  approach angle so the bumper sits flush with the body . There are also light behind the bumper . I have used the smaller shackles .



The sliders are a bit longer than the average ones , they also have plate which allow for mounting of the battery plate. they are also cut at a 45 degree angle for easier sliding.


the rear design is similar to the front , the shackle mounts are in a different position. the shackles are the bigger ones from . The lower tube is offset a bit deeper for a better angle.

i am very pleased with the end result, so is my dad who took up brazing in december .

here are a couple of impromptu shots from the front of my flat.



next step is to wire up the front lights , clean up the excess shoegoo and fill the holes from the original bumper.


its back ! Where are the bumpers ?

guess who’s back from the secret technology center  ?


the Scx10 is now sporting a servo winch installed on a custom plate .


you might notice that its missing the sliders and the bumpers , because the new ones are being powder coated because the first paint attempt was done poorly by me. Also new are the light buckets and proper lights in the front .


The light buckets are Tamiya Wrangler H/J and K parts and fit perfectly on the Cherokee. i used a shitload of shoe goo to hold it down but it fits and holds. I also used some black electrical tape to cover up the places where the paint flaked of, it would look even better if i find some silver tape.


need to solder up the LEDs for the headlights tomorrow.

trimmed Knuckles… Sawback high steering mod


I’ve received some LEDs and a set of GPM Tamiya DF03 knuckles , which are not for the DF03 but are used as High steering knuckles for the Sawback.


The stock knuckle is just a 1mm narrower than the Df03 one , so all you need to do is grind down half a millimeter on both sides and it fits perfectly .


i’ve used a m3 nut to raise the steering link over the leaf , now i need a longer steering horn because the steering link hits the nut on the right side full compression.


Those effin LEDs

the Axial LEDs are great until they work , or start to develop a bad connection , then you fiddle around with them and break a pin off , and then swearing ensues


i’ve ordered up some new ones and will make a whole new string .

The  Wraith is built back, i have only tested it inside but its super torquey compared to what i had before , the top speed is a bit less now, if it really bothers me i might switch to 3s, but i think it wont , because the initial wheel speed is excellent ! I have removed the light buckets for the time being , also i have changed the receiver to the 6 channel version to get more space for the future.

I have never done any flex shots, as i don’t care for it particularly, but this one does flex quite nicely.





More Motor

finally some new postal arivals:

from Amain hobbies:

HH-TM-EX-35 Holmes Hobbies Torquemaster expert 35t (for the Wraith)

– RRP1711 Robinson Racing Hardened 32P Absolute Pinion Gear 11t  (for the Sawback)

from a local supplier :

– 3m 2367 masking tape 


The tape seems of similar quality than the Tamiya stuff, but cheaper . Will see how it turns out on the next paint project, but Chris from Hemistorm recommended it, so it must be good.

after a bit of a desk cleanup and some urgent maintenance on the MCX2 helicopter i started the install of the new motor in the Wraith (the smoked axial still stinks a bit).


more on this mess next time .



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