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Good to go

The Dremel is back in action with the proper spare parts, good as new . Happily cut up some nuts.

Yesterday it got me thinking that for the time being until i order a GT3c for the Cherokee I might just as well use the GT3b from the Wraith including the 6 channel receiver from it , so for the moment its either the Wraith or the Cherokee at the same time. I have wired up all the electronics including the winch , the body lights and the chassis extra lights . the extras are momentarily on a wired switch which can be reached my crafty fondling inside under the rear drive shaft. The extras are super bright and looking into them is not pleasant hence the switch. The body leds can be un pluged. The wiring is provisional at the moment , but the truck is good to go and  plan to hit the trails tomorrow if the weather allows.

Here is how the mess looks



a kingdom for a Dremel

my Dremel bit the dust when  drilling holes in the pro10s , so today was hacksaw fun day.


Its because of these lovelies, TSS scale hub covers , no more m4 wheel nuts for me , i felt it was a fitting way to round up the scale of the wheels. They are great and will be even better when i paint them up, only issue i ran in was that for the pin mounts and the narrow offset the threaded ends of the axle was a bit too long , so i removed 2mm with a hacksaw, the cvds were too hard to saw trough so i asked a local exhaust guy who made easy work of them with a grinder.


on rear i have installed some homemade wheel wheels out of a cut up  plastic bowl painted black , its pretty gheto but it works.20140518-rearsandnuts1

I did not like the sticker lights on the back so i made a light bucket holder out of 0.6mm aluminium sheeting.


the plan is to run 3mm red reds in the top and 5mm whites as reverse lights in the lowers.


painting the aluminium was a hassle , in the end i just painted directly over the sanded sheet , as the primer just would not set. i’ve also painted the lenses red.




Wheels and nuts

I managed to get a super deal on a set of used Pro10 1.9 bead locks from Dready himself. for 50 Eur it was too good of an offer to pass up .


They came already weighted and with a set of extenders with scale bolts . I went with the pin mounts to keep the truck as narrow as possible.  But i did not like the way they look with the normal hardware .


So i’ve ordered up some scale acorn nuts from Lockedup RC , and it was worth every cent .


The look difference in looks is amazing , now i need a scale hub cover to complete it .


The weight compared  to the old axial 1.9 beadlock combo is same , those were weighted as well . The only thing that changed is the balance, the old front tire and wheel combo weighed 260grams , the new one weighs 220 grams, the old rears were 140 grams , the new ones are 180 grams. This shifted the center of gravity a bit back so there should be less front flips now.


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