a kingdom for a Dremel

my Dremel bit the dust when  drilling holes in the pro10s , so today was hacksaw fun day.


Its because of these lovelies, TSS scale hub covers , no more m4 wheel nuts for me , i felt it was a fitting way to round up the scale of the wheels. They are great and will be even better when i paint them up, only issue i ran in was that for the pin mounts and the narrow offset the threaded ends of the axle was a bit too long , so i removed 2mm with a hacksaw, the cvds were too hard to saw trough so i asked a local exhaust guy who made easy work of them with a grinder.


on rear i have installed some homemade wheel wheels out of a cut up  plastic bowl painted black , its pretty gheto but it works.20140518-rearsandnuts1

I did not like the sticker lights on the back so i made a light bucket holder out of 0.6mm aluminium sheeting.


the plan is to run 3mm red reds in the top and 5mm whites as reverse lights in the lowers.


painting the aluminium was a hassle , in the end i just painted directly over the sanded sheet , as the primer just would not set. i’ve also painted the lenses red.




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