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Keeping the center of gravity low with the droop shocks and the relatively short tires means that i tend to get high centered sometimes , usually i just power trough and slide over but today the remedy arrived …

TSS Smooth skid


Its a real solid feeling chunk of delrin, much smoother than the stock Axial skid and also more rigid. I had problems getting it into the frame rails as i had to unscrew a lot of the braces .


The required screws are m3 x 30-35 , i didn’t have any so some dremeling was on the menu , have to get some proper hex heads


the only gripe i have with this skid is that it doesn’t accommodate for the  upper link mounts so i’ve cut up some 3mm spacers out of aluminium tubing to move the upper links out of the frame rails.


You can see the difference in clearance. You need to make the lower links a bit longer to keep the same wheelbase , but i kept the same links as its not that much of a difference.



I’ve managed a short shakedown run today , was supposed to do it yesterday but the hitec servo quit on me because of bad wiring, i can’t really replace it, because the servo is waterproof and has lots of  rubber on the board so ill have multiplex replace it for a fee .  So i took the Savox out of the Wraith as i need one working rig for next weekend and would prefer the Cherokee .

Last week i also fitted the Proline 6084 Rectangular Scale Off-Road Tubular Roof Rack,  it was out of stock everywhere but i managed to find on sale with a Czech whole seller which delivers to a Slovenian store so in the end the price was the same as from the US shipped. The point of the roof rack is not the looks but having a place on the truck for the ground anchor and tow straps.


Scale winching is really fun , it adds a whole new dimension to driving, now you can go almost anywhere . One problem i have with the pull pal is that its a bit too big for the Cherokee, the scale isn’t right , so i have a smaller one from R2j on order.


I need to make a cargo net for roof rack and a storage box for the recovery straps .


Run until broken then replace

Since last time a couple of parts came in .

from Rene at :

a fantastic looking Red Hook 

a ground anchor / pull pal for winching

and some synthetic scale dynema winch line


The rope should be able to handle 90kg , so theoretically it should hold . i’ve tested the pull pall and it works lovely, just need to remember to apply some throttle when winching to help out the servo.


the  hook is really pretty, just had to sand down the split pin ends so the danger of pricking yourself is gone.


i have drilled some new holes in the plate and move the servo winch a bit more central. also painted the plate at the same time.


when i was fiddling with the front axle i’ve notice that the C-hub is a bit bad , and it flexes a lot under torque , so i’ve put the truck on the stands and ordered some AX30495 Aluminium C hubs.


They arrived today from Estonia. I got a super bargain on them as everything included on the picture for 30 Eur shipped.


The axle is now super solid, and the steering is smoother now. Installing the STRC was a bit more complicated , but more on this next time.


Shakedown complete

Yesterday I did a shakedown run on Roznik to iron out all the kinks and test the new components.


The run was a 2.5hour for 4.2 km . I went with a strict no hand of god policy and used it only 3 times , because Roznik is still impassable in some areas after the sleet downed trees.


The new lights look great and the bumper lights are now remote switchable thanks to the Turnigy remote on/off switch.


I have to repaint the rear wheel wells as the primer i used was shit and the paint just flakes of.


the winch line snapped on the first winching and i didn’t have any needle nose pliers in the trail pack with me so i couldn’t fix it . I did order some better wire on wednesday .


the left front wheel hub kept slipping of , i almost lost it the first time . ill try some thread lock to see if it helps.


The metal work was really really worth it , the compact front one allows a much better approach angle. And the sliders now actually slide instead of bending in.



The wheel weights and the extra weight of the metalwork moved the balance a bit rearward and it really shows on the descent.


im really thinking of going to 3s as the truck is not as peppy as it used to be with the new extra weight . a double of 2200 3s should be enough since this run today was on a single 5300 2s and it wasn’t even at the LVC when i was done .



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