Shakedown complete

Yesterday I did a shakedown run on Roznik to iron out all the kinks and test the new components.


The run was a 2.5hour for 4.2 km . I went with a strict no hand of god policy and used it only 3 times , because Roznik is still impassable in some areas after the sleet downed trees.


The new lights look great and the bumper lights are now remote switchable thanks to the Turnigy remote on/off switch.


I have to repaint the rear wheel wells as the primer i used was shit and the paint just flakes of.


the winch line snapped on the first winching and i didn’t have any needle nose pliers in the trail pack with me so i couldn’t fix it . I did order some better wire on wednesday .


the left front wheel hub kept slipping of , i almost lost it the first time . ill try some thread lock to see if it helps.


The metal work was really really worth it , the compact front one allows a much better approach angle. And the sliders now actually slide instead of bending in.



The wheel weights and the extra weight of the metalwork moved the balance a bit rearward and it really shows on the descent.


im really thinking of going to 3s as the truck is not as peppy as it used to be with the new extra weight . a double of 2200 3s should be enough since this run today was on a single 5300 2s and it wasn’t even at the LVC when i was done .




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