Run until broken then replace

Since last time a couple of parts came in .

from Rene at :

a fantastic looking Red Hook 

a ground anchor / pull pal for winching

and some synthetic scale dynema winch line


The rope should be able to handle 90kg , so theoretically it should hold . i’ve tested the pull pall and it works lovely, just need to remember to apply some throttle when winching to help out the servo.


the  hook is really pretty, just had to sand down the split pin ends so the danger of pricking yourself is gone.


i have drilled some new holes in the plate and move the servo winch a bit more central. also painted the plate at the same time.


when i was fiddling with the front axle i’ve notice that the C-hub is a bit bad , and it flexes a lot under torque , so i’ve put the truck on the stands and ordered some AX30495 Aluminium C hubs.


They arrived today from Estonia. I got a super bargain on them as everything included on the picture for 30 Eur shipped.


The axle is now super solid, and the steering is smoother now. Installing the STRC was a bit more complicated , but more on this next time.



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