I’ve managed a short shakedown run today , was supposed to do it yesterday but the hitec servo quit on me because of bad wiring, i can’t really replace it, because the servo is waterproof and has lots of  rubber on the board so ill have multiplex replace it for a fee .  So i took the Savox out of the Wraith as i need one working rig for next weekend and would prefer the Cherokee .

Last week i also fitted the Proline 6084 Rectangular Scale Off-Road Tubular Roof Rack,  it was out of stock everywhere but i managed to find on sale with a Czech whole seller which delivers to a Slovenian store so in the end the price was the same as from the US shipped. The point of the roof rack is not the looks but having a place on the truck for the ground anchor and tow straps.


Scale winching is really fun , it adds a whole new dimension to driving, now you can go almost anywhere . One problem i have with the pull pal is that its a bit too big for the Cherokee, the scale isn’t right , so i have a smaller one from R2j on order.


I need to make a cargo net for roof rack and a storage box for the recovery straps .



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