Keeping the center of gravity low with the droop shocks and the relatively short tires means that i tend to get high centered sometimes , usually i just power trough and slide over but today the remedy arrived …

TSS Smooth skid


Its a real solid feeling chunk of delrin, much smoother than the stock Axial skid and also more rigid. I had problems getting it into the frame rails as i had to unscrew a lot of the braces .


The required screws are m3 x 30-35 , i didn’t have any so some dremeling was on the menu , have to get some proper hex heads


the only gripe i have with this skid is that it doesn’t accommodate for the  upper link mounts so i’ve cut up some 3mm spacers out of aluminium tubing to move the upper links out of the frame rails.


You can see the difference in clearance. You need to make the lower links a bit longer to keep the same wheelbase , but i kept the same links as its not that much of a difference.


2 thoughts on “Skid

  1. Austin says:

    What did you use to make the grill? Is it just an aluminum sheet that you just cut or did you buy it and if so where?

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