Lets talk a bit about the Junfac Universal shafts


during the strip down , one the grub screws which hold the pin in the CVD got stuck, i think it was a lemon because the others were fine. I managed to loosen it up that much that i could pull the pin out and then get just to the bit which holds then grub screw. Then i drilled it out from the other side and it worked like a charm without damaging the threads.


People on RCC say that the pins are problematic and that double shrink wrapping is recommended.


I got some Loctite 248 in stick form because the liquid one would run into the CVD cup and ruin the action, it was expensive at 20 EUR, but its good till the end of 2017


The final product compared to the traxxas shafts i ran before.  I like how the diameter is smaller, looks better scale wise


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