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Recon G6 Finisher

Last week was one of the harder weeks for me , but it culminated into one of the best weekends of my life… The 2014 Stonerockers festival with the first European Recon G6 !


158 starting vehicles, starters from 9 countries, can’t describe the amazing time we had .


On the first day i drove the Cherokee and Mojca the Wraith and on the second day we switched .


we learned a lot for next time , but we had lots of fun and most important , both rigs made it with out breakages .


Helping other people is a very important factor and the winch was working a lot, sometimes getting me trough tough spots , sometimes getting other people out of them


the course was superb, Brian Parker did a great job of setting it.


I would like to  thank everybody for the pictures , because i honestly couldn’t be bothered to take mine 😀  also a big congratulations to Mojca for wining 3rd place in the Driving Divas class, that sealed the deal for her own next vehicle, she was also a great help on winch anchor spotting duty on the first day .


Detailed write up on the rigs will follow sometime next week , when time allows.




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