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Beefed … SCX10 REBUILD PART -2

Got started with the rebuild of the axles . First the rear :


it was  dirty following the season and G6 final. But cleaning the outside wasn’t a problem , cleaning the grease from the inside was quite a job.



half a can of degreaser and lots of scrubbing with an old toothbrush the axle housings were clean and smelling lemony


The rebuild parts list:

– SCX10 full bearing kit from FastEddy Bearings

– Axial AX30395 HD gear set

– Vanquish AX10 lockouts

– Hot Racing Axial Wraith steel unibody diff locker

– Beef tubes

– GCM racing 4link truss 



Before installing the beef tubes you need grind of the lip on the end of the axle cases which originally hold the bearing in place


its easy with a dremel and a sanding stone. this has to be done on both sides of both the axle case halves.


The Hot racing spool is a nice improvement of on the original. the shafts fit nicely with a bit of friction but not too much, its also a one piece design with a bit more weight .


after placing the rear straight axle shaft into the spool i have noticed that they are bent, the right side especially. This must have happened because of the plastic lockouts and the axle cases flexing under heavy load. I have ordered new replacements, but proceeded with the build to see how bad it would effect rotation .


Im using TF2 Lithium grease for the gears. It is not as thick as the one i used before but it should work fine and application is much more precise. For the installation of beef tubes it is recommended to drill and tap a second second hole into each one to fix it to the axle casing. A tip for an easier tapping job is to use some cooling oil and go slow. Its a much easier job.


The final product . I’ve cut of the top mounts of the case as they are not needed anymore and put on the GCM truss. It is super solid. The lockouts went on fine on one side and a bit harder on the other due to the fact that the axle case is warped just slightly one one side. The bent straight shaft was probably on that side. Once i span it around i have taken it apart again and the parts are currently waiting for the replacement shafts to arrive. Then i went to the front axle.


The front axle went together pretty much the same. The case is also warped a bit but the shaft are straight and you can only notice it if you spin the gears. There is a small tighter spot on the gear but its already almost disappeared after i have put it on the cordless drill for a couple of minutes. With a proper run in, it should completely disappear. You might have noticed that the posts are gone. Thats because a proper CMS is in the mail !

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