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Guards and Controllers

Since my Scx10 runs the mirrored transmission i cannot use the stock gear guard , so i took advantage of the 15% easter discount at CKRC and ordered an Vanquish one, which can be run mirrored. It arrived on the same day as the HEYOK 4amp Winch controller.


please ignore the bad wiring on the HEYOK controller, thats my work , not Al’s. It works lovely , just need to stuff it into the electronics box.



The Vanquish gear guard consists of a motor plate with an extra 4th hole for better alignment, spacers and the cover itself . the installation is a simple bolt on job.


I also swapped over the 35t Torque master expert from the Wraith into the Cherokee. I rechecked the brushes and it seems the grinding sound has disappeared at least for now.




The state of the projects

Its time for a status update on whats what.

the Cherokee is kinda finished but looks in pieces.


i need to install the new servo winch controller when it arrives as the small 10A ESC went up in smoke after I installed the Locked up RC spool and line



The servo is sitting on a bracket ,so the spool is raised out of the way of the panhard. I also went with some new winch line


i fiddled around with the panhard some more and i think i have the desired rod length and angle , i might change it to a solid rod instead of the threaded rod one.


There is also Mojca’s SCX10 for the new season , which she built herself. a detailed writeup on it will follow when its completed, it should be very capable.


There is also my new project , the FJ40 Ascender . Not much done to it yet, but I really enjoyed building the kit itself . 20150406-fj40begining5

it might have a few shortcomings , but look at that steering angle out of the box !

Fancy Foams & Fancy Wheel Hubs

its been too long , i apologise ! i was really busy with work . The postman has been busy too 😀

Finally pulled the plug on the Crawler Innovations 4.25″ – 4.19″ Deuces Wild Closed cell foams



The install is simple, i had to enlarge the inside to fit the wheel weights . it was really easy with a Dremel and sanding drum.


the foams are waterproof, but need the tires to be vented ,  which was a weird psychological hurdle .


i used a cheap hole punch to put in 3x2mm holes into the centre of the tire.


the star cut 2.2 foams i used before have deformed after a year


the DW foams are even firmer than the old foams, but i can still trip the forward ribs to increase forward bite.



Rogue Elements did one last run of their wheel hub covers , they are super nice, really impressed with the details. they will replace the TSS covers on the Cherokee

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