Fancy Foams & Fancy Wheel Hubs

its been too long , i apologise ! i was really busy with work . The postman has been busy too 😀

Finally pulled the plug on the Crawler Innovations 4.25″ – 4.19″ Deuces Wild Closed cell foams



The install is simple, i had to enlarge the inside to fit the wheel weights . it was really easy with a Dremel and sanding drum.


the foams are waterproof, but need the tires to be vented ,  which was a weird psychological hurdle .


i used a cheap hole punch to put in 3x2mm holes into the centre of the tire.


the star cut 2.2 foams i used before have deformed after a year


the DW foams are even firmer than the old foams, but i can still trip the forward ribs to increase forward bite.



Rogue Elements did one last run of their wheel hub covers , they are super nice, really impressed with the details. they will replace the TSS covers on the Cherokee


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