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Oh man, real life really caught up with me.

Here it is : Project Leftovers


Even though i haven’t been posting anything , I have been fidling with RCs , SCX10 got front axle rebuild, the Wratih is in a state of disassembly, waiting for the body, the Ascender got a new body and is waiting for cage work. The small orlando F150 needs painting . Enough apologising .

Project Leftovers is a MST CMX kit with various bits and bobs that got leftover from other projects. It will finally put a home under the FJ40 .


leftovers parts :

  • Hitec 5646 WP
  • Axial AE2 ESC
  • Castle 10 AMP BEC
  • Snow Leopard 35t motor
  • RC4wd 1.55 Dirtgrafbers with stamped steel wheels
  • Driveshafts from SCx10
  • Radio link receiver.

New parts:

  • CMX 532143 Kit chassis without the body
  • Bearings from
  • Steath mount from eBay

Build commences tomorrow!

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