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Tiny Screws !

Mojca surprised me with this the other week !


The Orlando OH35PO1 kit 1/35 scaler , i wanted it for my birthday but there was a delay in shipping and I thought she had forgotten it.


the parts themselves are really well labeled in bags with specific steps. the manual is in Chinese, but the technical drawings are almost on Tamiya level , so nothing to complain about there.


the differentials are locked  but really tiny , most parts are smaller than the drawing in the manual.


The axle comes with dogbanes  for steering  and lots of tiny tiny screws . keep a magnet tray handy because if you drop a screw on the floor, its gone forever.


The only issue i had with model was that one of the links came without the threads , i just ordered a whole link set on Banggood for around 2eur shipped.


Tiny links.


Screwing in these ballcups was a pain . Mojca did most of them , as the included hex didn’t fit exactly , so a combination of needle nose pliers and the hex key was used. Also note the drilled hole you have to do with the included pin wise.


The chassis is moulded toggedther with the front fender walls.


the rear assembled axle with links.


and the front with the tiny servo , note the different than normal servo plug, if used with normal esc , you have to buy a step down voltage adapter as 2s will fry the servo. The steering link might not be installed correctly.


The motor is the same dimension as used in the 3 racing servo winch . the chassis itself acts as the transmission case. i like the design.


1:1 Zombie cat is supervising the construction process.


the shocks are also tiny and friction based, they were a pain to put together .


the shock angles on the front are very lay down , the designer has put a lot of thought into it as you can see most 1:10 crawler methods being used in a smaller scale.


and the final hard body put together , its leaning because it out of balance as only the motor is installed at the moment as the esc is still in the postal system somewhere.

Even though i was cursing a bit about the tiny screws it was a fun build . It will also be the first hard body i will try painting . More on this later .

if you want to get your own , just search for Orlandoo on Banggood , also Hobbyking has started carrying them recently.



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