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The state of the projects

Its time for a status update on whats what.

the Cherokee is kinda finished but looks in pieces.


i need to install the new servo winch controller when it arrives as the small 10A ESC went up in smoke after I installed the Locked up RC spool and line



The servo is sitting on a bracket ,so the spool is raised out of the way of the panhard. I also went with some new winch line


i fiddled around with the panhard some more and i think i have the desired rod length and angle , i might change it to a solid rod instead of the threaded rod one.


There is also Mojca’s SCX10 for the new season , which she built herself. a detailed writeup on it will follow when its completed, it should be very capable.


There is also my new project , the FJ40 Ascender . Not much done to it yet, but I really enjoyed building the kit itself . 20150406-fj40begining5

it might have a few shortcomings , but look at that steering angle out of the box !

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