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TrackDay 27.05.2012

spent 6 hours at the track today . Fantastic, we’ve got access to power now so charging is a go . just need two more lipos to bridge the charging time .

Cars used : TA02 BMW 318 STW, TA03F Audi Quattro STW, TA04SS Audi TT DTM, M02 Alfa Romeo Giulia  Junior 1300, TT01E Cusco Subaru.

The Ta02 went much better today than the last time , odd thing is i didn’t change a thing . maybe i’ve got used to the worn tires. the shell is cracked a bit but nothing major , will be shoegooed soon, also the lack of front bumper really shows. The 53145 Hop up bumper is hard to get . The Ta02 could keep up with a carbon brushless car which was clearly faster when i tried it , so the problem was in the driver, who also talked all the time 😉 nevertheless a excellent performance for the old girl.

The Ta03F , with new rebuilt shocks is much more balanced now , also needs a front bumper , but i managed not to crash it until then, so far so good . it ran without a hitch.

The TA04SS, ran superbly , had to tighten the pinion (thread lock on the way ) I also broke a servo saver somehow, but before than i manage to thrash the other two faster cars properly , the short wheel base works really well for the technical local track here .  Also the Audi looks ace .

The M02 was hard to drive, the back kept coming out every time  you are not careful with the throttle , it needs a bit more tweaking and proper shocks (also on the way). i need to tweak the brake power on the ESC as its too much .

The TT01e who Mojca was driving was fine until the spur gear went kaputt when a pebble got in somehow, replacement on the way with a steel pinion. Every time i look into the TT01E im impressed how well it performs for such a cheap kit . All you need is extra bearings and you are good to go for starters.

she still has it 🙂

The instagram double

Also on the spending money that i did not planing to spend front , something really special is on the way in the mail from Japan and Norway, its a limited re release but its not a Bruiser, more to follow soon 🙂


Trackday 19.05.2012

Today we ran at the new Ljubljana track . its still a bit rough , but its a track in Ljubljana (thanks to Mantua Model for making it happen) . I ran the TA03f and TA02 , Mojca TT01E , i did bring along the MO2 Alfa as well , but the pinion was loose (this i found out after a service at home) . in more than 2 hours we got trough all the Lipos (need 4 more) . Overall superb . great racing , minimum crashing.

Some car observations:

The Alfa is like in real life , fantastic looks, mechanical problem.

The Audi ran without a hitch , i need to check the shocks thought, as one of the front ones seems a bit off.

The BMW currently drives like a  RWD car , the tires are quite used up and its really really tail happy .

Mojca Subaru ran perfectly , i reckon its a bit better than old TA02 with bad tires .

the lineup , Alfa true to its scale looks fantastic but has mechanical problems 🙂

Down under

the weather is finally ok again .

took the Dark impact and the Dual Hunter for a bash . This was the first outing for the EZrun 8.5t brushless combo. i must say im satisfied with the power , but i definitely must glue the tires .

We found a new bashing spot in an active mini quarry , the ground is hard packed with lots of small to medium pebbles and lots and lots of fine dust , the dust trails are spectacular. Luckily you can retreat on a nearby hill made of stones .

by the end of the first battery i’ve noticed that the rear wheels aren’t getting the same power as the front, so i’m guessing that the diff must be loose. i switched to the Blitz ,which was having trouble putting down traction on the loose dirt, the slipper clutch needed adjusting, but i didn’t bother with it since we were pressed for time.

Mojca drove the Dual Hunter, which now with lipo power drives even better . it soldiered on with no problem until the servo screw got loose. i need to modify the servo fitting as the high torque servo i have in it now ,moves too much.

The triple

Blitz info everyone should know. the slipper clutch reference in the manual is wrong . The 6 turns are way to loose , try 1 to 1.5

Finally managed some reproducibility as me and Mojca ran on the same surface on a similar layout for two days. its a parking space with gravel but its only empty on weekends. i’ve tweaked the slipper clutch and kinda dialed in the battery pack position . next ill change the steering knuckles to the inline ones , to see how that works . I’m really liking the Blitz, its much more technical and race ready than the other cars i have, also its probably the first one that I’m approaching a bit differently, also my off road experience is limited.

Enjoy the triple blitz shots.


On the Dual Hunter front,  Mojca ran only one pack as i’ve forgot the second one at home (dough:) . The high torque servo and the TGX shocks seems to work fine . Forgot to take pictures

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Brown Lightning

the Blitz is waterproof. Had a first short 1 battery bash . the terrain was a bit rough but the Blitz performed wonderfully , i really like this truck . I did order an overhead protection for the chassis though , the picture illustrates why . i am super satisfied with the truck . It just needs a lipo soon, as it eats trough the NIMHS like butter .


it is waterproof , but it does attract mud like a magnet.

Seizing the day

Today was another fine day , first we took Mojca’s TT01e for a test drive , i drove my Fighter Buggy with Carson wheels. No pictures of that but we made two small kids very happy, and their parents maybe less.

After Mojca managed to roll her car we went to the second bashing place , and i swapped the Fighter Buggy to the original wheels with new rear tires. The terrain here was a bit better , but a bit too coarse for the fighter buggy. The Dual Hunter managed just fine and i think the Dark Impact will manage too. Speaking of the dark impact , its now completely clean and rebuilt waiting for the new shocks to arrive from Japan.

I was bidding on some stuff today on eBay and im still amazed how people pay more than you can get it from Hong Kong new. I guess its the eBay fever that gets you 🙂

I ordered some 20t pinions for the Dual Hunter so i can get some more speed out of the stock motors.

Sunny posing

a ray of light shines shows the way


Strange circles are appearing in the Ljubljana area

Tomorrow, if the post arrives , then its TA02 and TA03 Rebuild time.


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First Bash

Had a first bash with Mojca today . took the Dual Hunter and the DF03 Dark Impact . The terrain was a bit too rough for the Dark Impact to properly show its qualities , but on the clean parts it went superbly. The Dual Hunter goes like crazy at anything you put in front of it . The ESC needs a bit of a tweak as it goes into reverse instantly , so you can’t brake . Driving was supper fun, the batteries didn’t last long enough, im ordering my first lipo next week.

Here’s some pics :



and after


posing some more




waiting for better terrain...


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