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FJ40 begins

Bloody Hell ,

almost a month of no posts . Blame it on the weather, take today as an example its sunny and inviting but i know tomorrow is going to be crap so i just didn’t take the crawlers out , i really should have , but i’m lazy. So … new conclusion , blame my laziness.

Lets do a mail call for the last month:

– Tamiya 51331 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Body set from Ebay , this is the next project for me. more on that as it develops, all i can say that it will run the SCX10 axles and transmission.

– Proline 2.2 tire foams, a steal for 1 euro on Ebay, going into the Wraith at some point.

– Hudy 3mm arm reamer, also a steal for 1 euro on Ebay

– Tamiya 50597 O rings, for rebuilding my leaky shocks on the old TA03F

– Tamiya 50600 Oil shock seals, as above


FJ40… The beginning

Also , Sebastjan bought a Blitz among other things and we tested them out last Saturday, the terrain choice was wrong, so now i have to clean it up again 😀 The new spur pinion combo is working fine ,but there is still lots to be done on the Blitz. I sure hope the weather stabilizes soon.


the two blitzes



Track Attack

Today me and Jernej took the Blitz, Blitzer Beetle and Dual Hunter to the track meet at Blatni Dol, there were lots of nitro 1/8 buggies and a couple 1/8 and 1/10 racing buggies, all brushless. a guy also brought his stock Tamiyas, a Grasshopper , Hotshot and Boomerang .

Because of time constraints and battery shortages ,we both put two pack trough each car. Jernej mostly drove the Blitz and I the Blitzer beetle .

The Blitzer beetle handles wonderfully, currently the brakes are set a bit too strong for the terrain, i forgot the ESC programmer at home . still lacking the weight in the front , but otherwise almost perfect. The Lexan shell is cut now, waiting for the paint job.  Oh yeah, after a hard run and one 4000mah lipo true it, the ESC and motor were super cool at around 35to45 .

The Blitz now carries the 8.5t Ezrun Combo, but its really under geared as the correct pinion is in the mail, im still using the stock one. Hopefully , with the other pinion i will be finally able to clear the big jump with no problems 🙂 . The handling was a bit problematic at first but after moving the battery to the back and lowering the front it improved. It really shows how the Blitz has to be tuned for the track its being driven on, its much much more race capable, and hence out of the box less good .

The Dual Hunter is too slow for this track and the suspension even after 40wt all around is still too soft .

Damage Report : nothing broke, lost 3 body clips though, all on the Blitz front. must stock up on those.

Overall a superb 3 hours, im glad there was at least one more Tamiya guy there ! I forgot to ask his name though .

Here are two Instagrams courtesy of Jernej

Field Runners

My friend Jernej helped me out with the car maintenance yesterday, he is very keen on RC to say the least . Installed an Kimbrough servo saver on the Blitzer beetle and did some drilling to reinforce the chassis, but that will be a post on its own.

we took the Blitzer Beetle and the Blitz out for a late bash in a grassy field . turns out the grass was a bit too high as the Blitz Firebolt 15t motor got smokey . No big problem, as i was planing on changing the motor & ESC from the df03 to it anyway , so now i will do that and the DF03 is going back to brushed running , just can’t decide on which motor yet , probably a Tamiya Super Stock BZ.

The Blitzer Beetle again performed admirably, i can’t belive how much fun the little car is . it went trough two packs with no issues, just one shock screw backed out , but i fixed that . great little impromptu outing.

this time i took the picture first then started driving 🙂


Today was a track outing with the Blitz , Dual Hunter and Blitzer Beetle . The Blitzer Beetle handled the best out of all the three , probably due to the  Proline tires. I need to get some weights for the front as it rises too much , and much more importantly a lexan body shell as rolling the nice abs one makes it super scary to drive.  Im satisfied with the power of the motor. fast enough

The Blitz looses traction too quickly in the loose turns , need to fiddle with the slipper clutch again. also for some reason it seemed a bit slow on some of the jumps. maybe ill put the 8.5 ezrun i have in it .

The Dual Hunters front shocks popped of at the first jump due to the poor quality mounts , Mojca fixed that . The current shock combo is definitely setup too soft. also , it needs a better servo saver , as now the stock one flexes too much so the drive is sloppy.

Enjoy the only pictures i made with the Iphone as i’ve forgot the camera memory card at home 🙂


Flying practice

The weather was so so this weekend , and since mail is late with replacement parts, we decided to take the off road cars out today and test out the new ramp.  The Blitzer beetle stayed inside since the body is still being painted and i still didn’t put the ball diff of the Dark Impact back together .

So for today flying lessons i present , The Dual Hunter and The Blitz

Status Report :

Time ran : 90 min

Terrain: – Tarmac for run up

– soft grass: for landings

– concrete curb: when missing the ramp

Damage: – lost two body pins

Things to improve: -attach longer shocks on Dual Hunter

– more power for Dual Hunter needed

– glue tires on Dual Hunter

– get stiffer servo mount for Dual Hunter

– draw a center line on the ramp

– try not to hit the pavement curb so much

The Dual Hunter currently uses shocks from a TGX with no oil and spring changes , its definitely not optimal , but 100cm aluminium are on the way from HK

it nose dives if you brake on the ramp

Durability is excellent ! 

lost two body pins today, the Blitz likes the greens

It jumps incredibly balanced and controllable and predictably

i need to take it on the tracks, its potential is wasted here, fun non the less

with two stronger motors and some 100 cm shocks it will be even better , a tough little truck.



The triple

Blitz info everyone should know. the slipper clutch reference in the manual is wrong . The 6 turns are way to loose , try 1 to 1.5

Finally managed some reproducibility as me and Mojca ran on the same surface on a similar layout for two days. its a parking space with gravel but its only empty on weekends. i’ve tweaked the slipper clutch and kinda dialed in the battery pack position . next ill change the steering knuckles to the inline ones , to see how that works . I’m really liking the Blitz, its much more technical and race ready than the other cars i have, also its probably the first one that I’m approaching a bit differently, also my off road experience is limited.

Enjoy the triple blitz shots.


On the Dual Hunter front,  Mojca ran only one pack as i’ve forgot the second one at home (dough:) . The high torque servo and the TGX shocks seems to work fine . Forgot to take pictures

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Power to the Color

Lets start with last weeks recap, work done , nothing , cleaned the RC room but thats it .

last saturday i ran the Blitz which was superb , but ran out of batteries quick. Here’s the only picture i made before it died.

Blitz next to the yeah racing track marker, notice a little wheel spin

The lack of power leeds me of to the next topic. i had some yeah racing 3200 lipos on order but i’ve decided to add some turnigy 4000 mah hard case lipos as well. these will be primarily for the blitz and other shape friendly chassises.


Today it all arrived , very fast from the Hobbyking german warehouse and Schweighofer . The yeah racing 3200 lipos from RCmart i did not expect today, so im happy . would be even happier if the lipo alarm and the connectors would arrive as well, hopefully tomorrow. until then im limited to the two yeah racing lipos.

Lipos and Lexan paint

here’s the manifest :

from Hobbyking :

2x Turnigy 4000mah 2s hardcase Lipo

from RcMart:

2x Yeah racing 3200mah 2s harcase stick shaped Lipo

from Schweighofer:

2x Tamiya PS-1 White paint

2x Tamiya PS-5 Black paint

2x Tamiya PS-2 Red paint

1x Tamiya PS-6 Yellow paint

1x Tamiya PS-30 Brilliant Blue paint

1x Tamiya PS-12 Silver paint

1x Tamiya PS-31 Smoke paint

1x Tamiya PS-55 Flat Matt paint

1x Tamiya 10mm Masking tape with dispenser



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Brown Lightning

the Blitz is waterproof. Had a first short 1 battery bash . the terrain was a bit rough but the Blitz performed wonderfully , i really like this truck . I did order an overhead protection for the chassis though , the picture illustrates why . i am super satisfied with the truck . It just needs a lipo soon, as it eats trough the NIMHS like butter .


it is waterproof , but it does attract mud like a magnet.


It’s here ! It has mud flaps !  MUD FLAPS !!! its really bigger than i imagined it to be ! it looks great and is ready to run !  It has been with GLS for two days , just because they don’t work on the weekend and its Raining outside ! 😦 it hasn’t been raining for weeks and out of all days it starts today in the afternoon. why oh why ?

so all i can do is watch it stand there on its huge box in the middle of the living room.

HPI Blitz RTR 2.4GHZ Scorpion body

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