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like watching paint dry …

the recipe for watching paint dry:

a bit of PS-5 Black  follow up with  PS-59 Dark Metallic Blue, back it with PS-1 White to brighten it up a bit, then add PS-57 Pearl White and back it all with PS-12 Silver and you get this :


now to let it dry overnight , tint the windows and maybe do a coat of PS-55 Flat Clear. I like it a lot even though i forgot to mask off the rear lights 😀



Today 365 days ago this blog got started, today i present :


The Wraith Hood hinged mod

things you will need :

– 6.4mm Cable clamps , i’ve used these from Conrad

– magnets, got them from my dad.

– M3 bolts normal and countersunk, washers and nuts

– a reamer

– a Dremel or X-acto knife

– Shoe Goo


clamps left on for illustration.

Shave or dremel the plastic bumps on the frame where the original screws went into. Afterwards drill the holes to 3mm and tap them (or just use self tapping screws), screw in two countersunk bolts in the front holes.

careful when reaming holes

careful when reaming holes

Ream the two new holes for the cable clamps, be careful of their placement as i’ve managed to do them a bit of center. Screw in the two bolts, i’ve used m3x10, then a washer,  cable clamp, then the lock nut. Adjust so its centered, then tighten down, but not too much.

a bit of shoe goo goes a long way

a bit of shoe goo goes a long way

Screw in the button head bolts into the existing mount holes, ream them bigger if necessary, add a nut on the other side and put a mark on the bolt thread, so you can cut of the the bit which extrudes. Remove the bolts and dremel them to size, put them back and add the nuts, tighten but not too much. Glue the magnets with a bit of shoe goo so it connects to the nut. Repeat on the other side.

no extra holes :D

no extra holes 😀

You are done !  The hood opens easily but its still tight enough to not be opened after a crash (still pending testing). If more security will be required then i’ll add the magnets to the upper screw area of the original .

Changing batteries with this mod should be easier, and no more lost screws …

The Wraith Hinged Hood

The Wraith Hinged Hood


SCX10 update.

Mojca graciously agreed to cut the front bumper on the Cherokee so it now fits more flush with the dingo bumper. i have an option of using the  honcho bumper as well , but i need to fix the bracket for raising the scx10 bumper . i got if from radshape and it works fine , but the way its designed makes it that if you flip it around the bumper mount gets a bit of a down angle .

a bit of a down angle

a bit of a down angle

The rear was only cut as much so that the rear bumper fits really flush , i quite like the look. Now i have proper rear lights until i can find some rear light buckets .

flush rear bumper

flush rear bumper

It’s snowing outside so i cant really run it yet, but the cherokee is mostly done . i need to get some balloons to waterproof the electronics and some grease to waterproof the servo.


the cut front bumper gives a more realistic look.



masking well done

Here’s an update on the Cherokee project . the painting is done . We started with plenty of masking then black  details, main copper color, silver backing and a light smoke tint for the windows . Let’s talk about the the Tamiya PS-14 Copper color . its fantastic , pictures don’t do it justice. Both me and Mojca were surprised how great it looks . It changes depending on the light you look at it and the angle . great great color !


Next for the Cherokee, i need to make the custom wheel base for the scx10 so it looks right, by then the other bumper should arrive so i can finish cutting the body to the final shape, i know its not ideal to cut the body after painting , but i’ll make the best out of it . Its going to look good , trust me !


Painting indoors , is well , smelly . But it is good to know i can do it in the winter if there is an emergency need .


no , not the doctor who Tardis… AutoSmart Tardis.

what is the AutoSmart Tardis, its a way to remove paint from a lexan body in a more economical way than the Tamiya Polycarbonate body cleaner .

it works ! behold the result :



Note : this body was painted with a tamiya acrylic paint, not the lexan one, but im sure it works as well for that as well , will report on that later .

The Tardis does have a minus though , it stinks really badly! make sure your cleaning area is well ventilated . if possible even wear a face mask when working with it .  i need to get a mask , feeling a bit tipsy , but not in a good way .


i’ve cleaned most of the body in about 30 mins , still need to do the other side . it works really well, if i didn’t care about the decals i would just soak the whole body in it .  now i spray it , let it soak for a bit then  wipe with a paper towel . in the tight spots i’ve used a cheap brush

i am almost done with the truck , used a bit of the tardis, but its cheap .  will finish up tomorrow, but i am already very satisfied with the result! A big thanks to Darren for getting this for me !




Baja Prototype

The Blitzer Beetle Baja lexan shell is finished with the painting . For the first time i’ve mounted it to the chassis . I still need to clean the overspray as the kamtec shell doesn’t come with it, and apply the decals, also clean the chassis for a proper photo shoot.  I like the clean prototype look , so here’s a couple of shots . The masking isn’t perfect, but its a bitch to mask as no line is straight on this car, but Mojca did a great job non the less with the painting .




Drying in the wet

Wraith progress is slow but steady , yesterday i took the cage apart to find the longer screw i was missing. Also started the painting which continued into today,  the goal for the wraith paint job was to use leftover paints aka the “leftover special” . Today i planed  to finish the painting but a big thunder storm cooled everything down.  I’ve also modded the wraith (second mod already and the car hasn’t been run yet). i’ve replaced the tapping screws on the axles with machine screws, shame on you axial , the screws cost me 2 euro , i imagine you get them cheaper. During the installation i’ve put some m6 threaded r0d into the axles to stop them flexing. Also with Mojca’s help we have programed the ESC into crawler mode with drag brake and all .

Tomorrow , the electronics go in the box and esc gets fixed into space, also the interior will be painted along with the last layer of the wraith side panel. Oh yeah , the Blitzer Beetle Baja Shell is painted , just needs decals .

Paintjob part 1

over the last week as the weather allowed with Mojca’s help we painted most of the bodies , some are just waiting for smoke on the windows, some need backing, some need a full paint job .I hope we can continue on wednesday if the weather gets better again .

Total paint cans spent : about 8

The Nissan leading the paint job line for Black color first

Mojca’s Subaru and one of the Audi TTs

Giulia GTA , Peugeot 306, Delta Integrale all backed with silver

the Blue Audi TT backed with White, and the 155 Alfa’s black stripe

A couple of things learned , to go even easier on the first coat on white bodies as its a bit more picky if you add too much at first and you will have pealing problems with the mask , never use cheap tape when masking ,as it will pull the overspray film when you remove it , and you will have to clean up residue . Buy more paint than you think you need (more on that in the next post and Part 2 of Paintjob)

Body shop

Over the last two days Mojca and me (mostly Mojca 🙂 trimmed 7 body sets in preparation of painting which will proceed by the end of the month if temperatures allow.  The Olfa CMP-1 Compass cutter really helped .

Europe 4 - Japan 1

two days ago i also fixed the broken Lancer body with loads of Shoe Goo and dry wall tape, its not the cleanest of fixes , but the body was in a preety bad state.

the power of Shoe goo

super cracked rear bumper

the split front bumper

good as ... ahm well , used 🙂

and just because i can’t get enough of how beautiful the Audi A4 is (again , thanks to Mojca ) here’s some more pictures of the shell , the TA03 chassis is next in line for tomorrow , so it will get the legs it deserves

Audi A4 STW

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