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Tune up and first run

The Mtronik ESC Modelsport UK Sniper RV-12 Assault for the Dual Hunter arrived today , had some split cables made and now it drives . I tried it outside for 15 seconds since it -8 and pitch black but i am impressed .

Here’s a shot of it as it dries

also installed the hop up slip clutch on the DF03-RA , direct from Japan . Tamiya part number  53925

DF03 Slipper clutch on a DF03-ra

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Details details details!!!

Finally fixed the DF03RA camber and toe out issue , the guys at the tamiya club forum figured out that the camber sticks were not to proper size and that i’ve switched the dogbones the wrong way . after fixing that and making sure the sticks were the proper size ,its now as it should be . now only waiting for the fly skys to arrive so i can test drive it .

Must remember to be more attentive to details in the future.


Me and Mojca completed our rolling chasies on the weekend. The DF03RA for me and the TT01E for her . it was quite enjoyable .my first kit built after 10 years .The toe in was giving me a bit of problem but i’ve been a bit sloppy during the build. all was fixed in the end though. Im waiting for my set of Flysky transmitters to arrive before i fit the electronics in the car .

Mojca has started to decal my STW Audi shell , since the weather cannot permit painting or driving, its the only thing she can do , and she does it really well !



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