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today was not a good day ! period.

whilst i succeeded in putting the wraith electronics in a project box in the back , that was about it with the good stuff.

i tested the Wraith outside and the motor lost rpms after 10 minutes, the internet says that the magnets lost their magnetism because of overheating the other day . i switched the motor to a lrp i had laying around and whilst i was testing it out in the apartment , i stripped the servo gears ! #@%%@$^#$%^@#$ .

was forced to spend the whole RC budget for October since i can’t afford to let the Wraith stand during the last nice days. Schweighoffer to the rescue.

on the Dual Hunter front, i’ve rebuilt the gearboxes, locked the rear diff , did some drilling. im still missing the dang flanged tubes for the shock mounts. thats one of those things which no one seems to have.

it can’t get any worse can it ?


Rebuilding the hunter


The Dual Hunter is getting a rebuild , the rear gearbox was getting quite loud, turns out the small counter gear is missing about three teeth where it connects to the pinion.  Found out why i was loosing step screws. The front axle where the 4×11.5 step screws in was very used , you could pull the screw out of the threads, no wonder it was lost. On the rear shock mount the machine screw was bent, had to pry it out with pliers, need to get a replacement flange, which might be hard to track down.  tomorrow, i will take the whole car apart and give it a thorough cleaning , so it will be ready when the new parts arrived, also ordered a little 5 euro hop up which will improve the suspension. Also it will give the opportunity install the 24t mardave motors.



Dual trailing

Today me and Jernej took an impromptu run up the same trail as yesterday, he drove the Dual hunter and I the Wraith . flipping of the shock mounts on the wraith definitely produced an improvment on the center of gravity as rolling was reduced 2/3 . I’ve lost one light bucket but, thats that , superb drive.

The Dual hunter made it trough the trail even though the diffs aren’t locked. it lost a step screw again as the one i’ve replaced it with was too short. the rear gearbox rattles a bit as one gear is damaged. will probably buy one extra set and lock the rear diff for better crawling performance.


New worlds

Today was another nice bash with Blitzer Beetle and the Dual Hunter . Both now have the Kimbrough servo savers fitted . The Blitzer Beetle also now has a Futaba S3305 servo. its almost perfect . The Dual Hunter steering is much better now, only the straight run has to be fixed, but i trimmed it out. The shocks are still too soft for the track,but for rough terrain like today it was ok .


The terrain was a half done building site which , its a bit rough at places but has some tarmac areas as well . i think i found the perfect off road bash spot, it has everything: dust, gravel, tarmac, crawling terrain. and its really close by .


The Blitzer beetle ended up a lot on its back , the super traction tires and the power make it real easy to flip .I lost a couple of body pins and one wheel pin , had to make a makeshift one out of a hair pin. This was probably the last outing of the ABS shell , as the lexan one is almost painted. it sure took a beating, with lots of back flips on tarmac .


here’s another shot of the playground , it will also be perfect for that big package that is coming tomorrow 😀

Save me Servo

Todays mail arrival :

– HPI 6920 PINION GEAR 20 TOOTH (48DP) for the Blitz 

– M3 NYLOC nuts

– M3 serrated  flanged nuts

– Tamiya 53662 TT01 Turnbuckle set for Mojca’s TT01E

– Kimbrough KP 201 Medium Servo Saver (one for the Blitzer Beetle, the other for spares)

– Kimbrough KP 124 Large Servo Saver ( for Dual Hunter)

lets get fitting then 🙂

Track Attack

Today me and Jernej took the Blitz, Blitzer Beetle and Dual Hunter to the track meet at Blatni Dol, there were lots of nitro 1/8 buggies and a couple 1/8 and 1/10 racing buggies, all brushless. a guy also brought his stock Tamiyas, a Grasshopper , Hotshot and Boomerang .

Because of time constraints and battery shortages ,we both put two pack trough each car. Jernej mostly drove the Blitz and I the Blitzer beetle .

The Blitzer beetle handles wonderfully, currently the brakes are set a bit too strong for the terrain, i forgot the ESC programmer at home . still lacking the weight in the front , but otherwise almost perfect. The Lexan shell is cut now, waiting for the paint job.  Oh yeah, after a hard run and one 4000mah lipo true it, the ESC and motor were super cool at around 35to45 .

The Blitz now carries the 8.5t Ezrun Combo, but its really under geared as the correct pinion is in the mail, im still using the stock one. Hopefully , with the other pinion i will be finally able to clear the big jump with no problems 🙂 . The handling was a bit problematic at first but after moving the battery to the back and lowering the front it improved. It really shows how the Blitz has to be tuned for the track its being driven on, its much much more race capable, and hence out of the box less good .

The Dual Hunter is too slow for this track and the suspension even after 40wt all around is still too soft .

Damage Report : nothing broke, lost 3 body clips though, all on the Blitz front. must stock up on those.

Overall a superb 3 hours, im glad there was at least one more Tamiya guy there ! I forgot to ask his name though .

Here are two Instagrams courtesy of Jernej


Today was a track outing with the Blitz , Dual Hunter and Blitzer Beetle . The Blitzer Beetle handled the best out of all the three , probably due to the  Proline tires. I need to get some weights for the front as it rises too much , and much more importantly a lexan body shell as rolling the nice abs one makes it super scary to drive.  Im satisfied with the power of the motor. fast enough

The Blitz looses traction too quickly in the loose turns , need to fiddle with the slipper clutch again. also for some reason it seemed a bit slow on some of the jumps. maybe ill put the 8.5 ezrun i have in it .

The Dual Hunters front shocks popped of at the first jump due to the poor quality mounts , Mojca fixed that . The current shock combo is definitely setup too soft. also , it needs a better servo saver , as now the stock one flexes too much so the drive is sloppy.

Enjoy the only pictures i made with the Iphone as i’ve forgot the camera memory card at home 🙂


Hopping up

Its time to improve the Dual Hunter , things that you need :

– Aluminium Shock towers

– 100 cm shocks

– shock oil

– Aluminium servo holder

– Aluminium hexes

– M3 threaded rod

– M3 nuts and bolts


shock oil and M3 parts not pictured

first install the servo mount . it will stop all the flexing when the servo moves , a great improvement.

fill the shocks with preferred oil, i went with 30wt in front and 40wt in the back.  if the shocks are cheapo ones from ebay like mine throw the oil that comes in them away and use proper shock oil.

the shock towers just screw on. now comes the shock mounting. mine were really really cheap and so the quality suffers a bit . the top eyelets are bigger than the ball heads i have , so i’ve mounted the front with ball heads on the top and the back ones with nuts and bolts.


cut two 71mm identical pieces of threaded rod and bend them in a S shape. this will prevent the binding that occurs with the stock threaded steering shaft.


install the hexes , be careful to use a proper driver on the mini screw that goes into the hexes , i used a 1.5mm in a 1/16″ one and stripped it , still haven’t got it out . so im cheating and using tamiya metal hexes at the moment.



tweak around with the ride height and thats it , now all i need is better motors .



Holly Smoke

Back from the sea side , a great week of lots of sun with minimum RC action , why you ask ?

thats why :

The Ansmann 12t ESC goes up in smoke

first ESC that died on me

The Ansmann VR 12 Turn ESC from the Blitzer Beetle went up in smoke (very very stinky smoke i must add) . I think it just was past its time , it started behaving weirdly then just died. After i got back to service i just plugged it in and it started smoking . Now i have a bit of a problem since don’t have an ESC for the Ta03F pro as i was planing to use this one .  oh well, will see what i can find on Ebay , until then the TA03f pro gets a 101BK.

The Sea side running of the Blitzer Beetle and The Dual Hunter was fun . Great terrain in the woods in the shade .  The Blitzer Beetle handles fantastically, the DF03 shocks and the Prolines are doing wonders , the handling is precise , stabile , the tires provide plenty of traction , maybe too much , as i’ve managed to roll it 3 times on tarmac. with a hard body the rolls hurt and it has scars to show .

first run, first scratches

The looks of the Beetle bring a smile to ones face , it really looks fantastic, i’ve always fancied this car , but could never afford it when i was young . Its a constant grin when it runs, it only changes when you roll it .

a classic beauty

I must say something about the tires. The Prolines Dirt Hawgs are fantastic, much much better than stock tires , worth every euro , i did expect them to be better , but not that much better. after a pack of hard running on mixed terrain, they show no wear what so ever .

one more

Mojca was driving the Dual Hunter while i did the Blitzer Beetle, the servo mount was flexing way too much with the high torque servo , Tamiya did a design mistake there , but a aluminium mount will fix that , its on the way along with better shock mount , so i can mount the 100cm shocks i got of ebay for super cheap . i temporarily fixed it with longer screws instead of the 3x10s used. its a bit better. Also we lost a screw holding the shock (must replace those with ball heads). Since this was the only run that day and it turned out to be the last for the whole week, we cleaned the vehicles thoroughly and went to have a beer 🙂

Lesson learned, always bring a backup ESC along and also always take running shots at the begging of the run, so you don’t get stuck with static shots again …

cleaned and waiting for the 3200kv Brushless combo….

to the Sea Side

its been a bit quiet here on the blog, my bad , i’ve been lazy with writing but not with building and driving .

much has passed since the last post : i’ve built the TA03F pro, finished the Blitzer Beetle, found out that i need more parts to fix the DF03 diffs .

anyways , im of to the sea side for 8 days and the Dual Hunter and Blitzer Beetle are coming with me , expect a thorough report when i get back.

packing lightly , all the needed parts fit in the plastic box , because size is at a premium , the Blitz stays at home this time 😦

Running glued Dirt Hawgs II front and back , isn’t she lovely !

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