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Parted … Scx10 rebuild part -1

Its been a whole month of doing absolutely nothing ! well , the workspace is finally somewhat clean with the peg board and parts have been arriving with a steady pace ever since I came back from the G6.

parts at the ready

parts at the ready

The Cherokee is first for a total rebuild and this is how it looks in pieces.


The work table has a new top cover made from an advertising sign … can’t beat free:D


Run until broken then replace

Since last time a couple of parts came in .

from Rene at :

a fantastic looking Red Hook 

a ground anchor / pull pal for winching

and some synthetic scale dynema winch line


The rope should be able to handle 90kg , so theoretically it should hold . i’ve tested the pull pall and it works lovely, just need to remember to apply some throttle when winching to help out the servo.


the  hook is really pretty, just had to sand down the split pin ends so the danger of pricking yourself is gone.


i have drilled some new holes in the plate and move the servo winch a bit more central. also painted the plate at the same time.


when i was fiddling with the front axle i’ve notice that the C-hub is a bit bad , and it flexes a lot under torque , so i’ve put the truck on the stands and ordered some AX30495 Aluminium C hubs.


They arrived today from Estonia. I got a super bargain on them as everything included on the picture for 30 Eur shipped.


The axle is now super solid, and the steering is smoother now. Installing the STRC was a bit more complicated , but more on this next time.


Good to go

The Dremel is back in action with the proper spare parts, good as new . Happily cut up some nuts.

Yesterday it got me thinking that for the time being until i order a GT3c for the Cherokee I might just as well use the GT3b from the Wraith including the 6 channel receiver from it , so for the moment its either the Wraith or the Cherokee at the same time. I have wired up all the electronics including the winch , the body lights and the chassis extra lights . the extras are momentarily on a wired switch which can be reached my crafty fondling inside under the rear drive shaft. The extras are super bright and looking into them is not pleasant hence the switch. The body leds can be un pluged. The wiring is provisional at the moment , but the truck is good to go and  plan to hit the trails tomorrow if the weather allows.

Here is how the mess looks


its back ! Where are the bumpers ?

guess who’s back from the secret technology center  ?


the Scx10 is now sporting a servo winch installed on a custom plate .


you might notice that its missing the sliders and the bumpers , because the new ones are being powder coated because the first paint attempt was done poorly by me. Also new are the light buckets and proper lights in the front .


The light buckets are Tamiya Wrangler H/J and K parts and fit perfectly on the Cherokee. i used a shitload of shoe goo to hold it down but it fits and holds. I also used some black electrical tape to cover up the places where the paint flaked of, it would look even better if i find some silver tape.


need to solder up the LEDs for the headlights tomorrow.

Those effin LEDs

the Axial LEDs are great until they work , or start to develop a bad connection , then you fiddle around with them and break a pin off , and then swearing ensues


i’ve ordered up some new ones and will make a whole new string .

The  Wraith is built back, i have only tested it inside but its super torquey compared to what i had before , the top speed is a bit less now, if it really bothers me i might switch to 3s, but i think it wont , because the initial wheel speed is excellent ! I have removed the light buckets for the time being , also i have changed the receiver to the 6 channel version to get more space for the future.

I have never done any flex shots, as i don’t care for it particularly, but this one does flex quite nicely.





Electronics and Drilling … Sawback built pt8

The electronics for the Sawback are now finalized and installed:

– Savox SC-0251 MG Servo

– Axial AE-2 ESC

– Mabuchi 540SH 27 turn motor 

– Castle 10Amp BEC



The ESC i got used from a friend , its a Castle Sidewinder basically , great little ESC , The motor is a stand in until i can get my hands on a 35t, the servo i had planed for the next scaler project, its running on 6v coming from a Castle BEC.



i drilled a new hole on the front of the chassis and moved the front fixed shackle back a bit , this shortens the wheelbase a bit .



the body does not sit right at the moment , because the front is too high , so next step will be the cutting.

CMS mod and new wheels … Sawback Builld pt5

its modding time.


The Sawback CMS (chassis mounted servo) is super easy to do , as the stock servo mount lines up with the holes of the body and shock mount. i use two of the left over spacers to space the holes away from the chassis and longer screws from the kit left overs. Then you just mount the servo upside down and space it down with anything you can find, i used some 3mm nuts and servo mount dampers.


I have also used some plastic spacers to move the tie rod above the leaf and made a new longer drag link so i get equal servo throw in both directions. If you use the stock drag link then its basically a free mod since most of the hardware is included .


Next i have added some of these wonderful RC4wd Dick Cepek Gun Metal 7 1.9″ Internal Beadlock Wheels , i got them used a while back for a  different project, but they will sit on this one now. They look absolutely wonderful. The wheel weights on them are 70grams in the front and 60grams in the back , which adds up to the 67grams of the wheels itself.


To make the installation easier i used this little contraption made out of a bolt a lock nut and two servo horns .


It provides and easier way to apply equal pressure on both sides of the bead.


you line the beads up on the front , add the front internals, then line up the rear bead in the back and apply the rear ring then screw the holder together to add pressure, then just screw the wheel together, much easier than applying pressure by hand.


before mounting the tires i gave them a thorough wash with a degreaser, they should be more sticky now.

Twin rotors

the winter down period, bad weather, less light , a bit less time and than this came along …


Blade MCX2

I bought an used Blade MCX2 with a Spektrum DX4E from Ebay , it came with a broken flybar but that got replaced and i have been flying it around the living room pretty much all the time since. Its my first Heli and even though its a coaxial it is a 4 channel so all the basics are there . I can really recommend it as a first heli , its stable , and both me and Mojca are total newbies at this and we got the hang of it super quick.


Broken flybar, broken swashplate ball link and the Diy Ball link remover

The only thing that i broke whilst trying to tweak it is the ball head on the swash plate whilst trying to remove the link, so i made a DIY ball link remover from a set of old tweezers (inspired by the internet, not my own idea) also on the modding side i changed the lights to solid instead of blinking.

Its a great little Heli, it flies great and the parts are cheap !


all the mess

The old workspace is super messy but that will get tidied up very very soon ,because a special package just needs to be cleared by customs . Im really looking forward to it, all i can say is that it has made its journey all the way from Korea!

Servo winch and how easy it is to make one .

Things you will need :

– a servo (used a cheap towerpro clone i had spare)


-spool (a friend made this one for me out of two servo horns)


Open up the servo , the top gear is the you care about


Use a pair of pliers to remove the pin which prevents the 360 rotation , on the inside there is a plastic slot which controls the pot, ream or remove that slot so it wont touch the pot.


plug in the servo and turn the pot so the servo stops spinning . once you find the position , put some CA glue on it so the pot wont move anymore.


reassemble the servo and enjoy more power


the issues i ran into are that i have no proper CA glue so im not sure if the pot is glued correctly which might be the reason im getting the drift of the winch. if i can’t fix that i will get a HeyOk no drift winch controller.

Here is a nice video (not by me) that explains the whole process in a bit more lengthy way

High steering

I scored a set of Hot racing AX10 High Steer Knuckles from my mate Pete .They look about the same as the axial ones in shape and form.



The installation went fine although at first i was planing to install the link above the hole , but it was interfering with the servo horn .



After a bit of cutting of threaded rods and  bending i mocked up the new steering links . i bent them in the vise . There is a bit of toe out to combat the Ackerman at full lock.20131120-highsteered2

This is probably as much as an angle i can get without the XR mod , i had to back up the steering end points a bit to stop the tires from hitting the shocks.

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