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Twin rotors

the winter down period, bad weather, less light , a bit less time and than this came along …


Blade MCX2

I bought an used Blade MCX2 with a Spektrum DX4E from Ebay , it came with a broken flybar but that got replaced and i have been flying it around the living room pretty much all the time since. Its my first Heli and even though its a coaxial it is a 4 channel so all the basics are there . I can really recommend it as a first heli , its stable , and both me and Mojca are total newbies at this and we got the hang of it super quick.


Broken flybar, broken swashplate ball link and the Diy Ball link remover

The only thing that i broke whilst trying to tweak it is the ball head on the swash plate whilst trying to remove the link, so i made a DIY ball link remover from a set of old tweezers (inspired by the internet, not my own idea) also on the modding side i changed the lights to solid instead of blinking.

Its a great little Heli, it flies great and the parts are cheap !


all the mess

The old workspace is super messy but that will get tidied up very very soon ,because a special package just needs to be cleared by customs . Im really looking forward to it, all i can say is that it has made its journey all the way from Korea!

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