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Catching up

Time do some catching up of the last month.




i received the R2j Land anchor which is a better size for the Cherokee ,the other one is just too big, and some sand boards from Ikketech.


the third triangle black bits are the JCAD SCX10 RULR rear link risers for improved anti squat geometry , they required new rear links , but should work with stock ones , mine were already custom to begin with.


in preparation for the G6 i’ve ordered a set of AXIAL AX30708 Hard Steel Locked Transmission Gear Set and the Jazrider Metal SCX10 gear case . This is the only case besides the Vanquish one which allows for running a mirrored transmission but for a much lower price point.


installation went smoothly but i noticed that the outdrive which was drilled to accept trough pins was bound to fail and it did , well into a trail run with a friend. cue the long pause.


about 3-4 weeks later this arrived from Korea and the US:

– Junfac Hardened Universal Shaft (82-117mm) 5mm hole (J90031)

– Junfac Hardened Universal Shaft (95-130mm) 5mm hole (J90032)  

– Gmade 1.9 RH03 wheel hubs (Black) (4) (GM70134)  

– RRPC1587 Robinson Racing Super Spur Gear 48P 87T AX10

– AXA1326 Axial Spacer 7.5x6mm Grey (6)

– AX30435 Axial Steel Outdrive Shaft Set (2)

– RC4WD OEM Steel 1.9 Stock Beadlock Wheel Hexes

– STRC Machined Aluminum Motor Plate Black Axial Wraith

The shafts are self explanatory , the  hubs are backup if the TSS wont work with the OEM hex hubs, because i can’t risk loosening tires on the G6 , the spacers are needed because the now metal transmission case isn’t flexing as before and i get some spur gear wobble because of that and i got a robinson spur gear just in case . The motor plate is a replacement for the stock one which is a bit bent which also contributes to the wobble. The outdrives are there to get back 4wd. Installation will follow as soon as i get some time together.




Attack of the Clones

The Cherokee just got a new remote … the Radiolink RC3S


it looks like a certain transmitter from a well known company but that doesn’t really matter as for $ 49.99 it offers 4 channels (3 proportional) and 2 high voltage receivers (up to 10v).


its all wired up and works lovely , the winch on the 3rd channel is interesting as the speed of the winch is variable now . will see how that works out . the feeling of the whole radio is solid and im glad that there now two options for 4 channels on budget.


More Motor

finally some new postal arivals:

from Amain hobbies:

HH-TM-EX-35 Holmes Hobbies Torquemaster expert 35t (for the Wraith)

– RRP1711 Robinson Racing Hardened 32P Absolute Pinion Gear 11t  (for the Sawback)

from a local supplier :

– 3m 2367 masking tape 


The tape seems of similar quality than the Tamiya stuff, but cheaper . Will see how it turns out on the next paint project, but Chris from Hemistorm recommended it, so it must be good.

after a bit of a desk cleanup and some urgent maintenance on the MCX2 helicopter i started the install of the new motor in the Wraith (the smoked axial still stinks a bit).


more on this mess next time .



Its all coming together … Sawback Build pt 9



It’s been a tough last week , i’ve been sick ,  but finally all the body parts are here.

– Tamiya PS59 Dark Metallic Blue

– Tamiya PS1 White

– Tamiya PS57 White Pearl

– used Super Clodbuster grill 

– Chevy Grill insert

Also i’ have finally solved the wheel base problem, so here is the definite guide on how to get the 285mm wheelbase on the Sawback:



on the front you move the rear fixed shackle back one hole and drill the other one , on the front front you flip the front shackle holder so it points backwards, you also flip the shackle , if that does not provide the desired wheelbase , remove the leafs and bend them together a bit , you can also do that on the back.

A new leaf … Sawback build pt1

What is this ? a new Kit after a whole year of just hop ups  ? I have been saving money trough out the year. At first the funds were meant for Mojca’s Rubicon, but then this got released.

Straight from Korea

Gmade 1/10 GS01 Sawback 4WD Kit

GS01 Front Drive CVA Kit


I have been eyeing this truck ever since details started to appear, a leaf suspension based truck for Dingo Kit money , what is there not to like there!  I will change the body to something different, but more on that when it arrives .


First building impressions are overly positive, the packaging is nice and effective, the manual also. The reinforced plastics give an over all Tamiya vibe which is very good .  I like the one piece locker spool. The screws are philips headed which is a bit of a bummer, but they are good quality and are machine screws not the self cutting ones.


The only upgrade i went with out of the box are the CVA’s which improve the stock steering of 32 degrees to 42. They went together nicely , except for the joint grease getting everywhere and making it dirty. The shafts look pretty stout and a bit different to the touch of the metals i’m used too, but probably it is because it is the carbon steel which Gmade uses.


The use of 4mm E-rings for holding bearings on the straight rear axle also reminded me of Tamiya .


The axles came together nicely , plus points for the differential covers being metal and not chromed plastic.

Due to other obligations this is all that i was able to build for today , but i must say i am overly impressed by the kit, the skepticism of some of the people on RCC was unfair.

Stars and Fenders

On monday a large but light package arrived from Martin @ RCBITZ

They are the  follow up parts to the Seaside crawl :

RC4WD Wraith Inner Fenders

Set of 4 Star cut foams 2.2 




More on the foams will follow in a separate post , and now to the Wraith inner fenders.

The inner fenders come in a huge bag in 4 separate pieces , the moulding isn’t of tamiya quality but its ok . the lexan is nice and thick. I had to do some extra trimming for Eloys droop kit.20131111-fenderedstars3

There is plenty of material in the original design so more trimming is in order , i cut one side and Mojca did the other one and the holes for the droop kit. Hers was better.



The fenders were painted with PS-5 Black then followed up with a bit of PS-55 flat clear. This was done for two purposes , first i did not want the black to stand out that much and second it was test of how PS-55 works, which will be used in a future project .

20131115-fenderedstars4 20131115-fenderedstars5


The mounting is quite solid especially on the back where it notches into the the rear , wish they did that in the front too. I was afraid it would interfere with Eloys front battery plate , but i can attest that it does not .

20131115-fenderedstars8 20131115-fenderedstars7


Overall its a nice upgrade . it adds to the looks and keeps crap out of the front under hood area. The closing of the rear area allows me to start finishing the electronics placement in the back.



more on this , in the next post

Gears, Shims and Oil (Aftermath part 2)

The great rebuild continues . Last week a package from the US arrived , the bad bad people on customs stuck me with a charge of 12 Eur for a 32 Eur package …


The parts are the following

Axial AX30395 Heavy Duty Bevel Gear Set – 38T/13T 

2x  Axial AX30205 Spring 12.5x40mm 2.7 lbs/in – Super Soft (Red) 

at the local hobby shop i also picked up

LRP 30wt Silicone shock Oil

LRP clutch shims

During the last couple of days i have done lots of work on the trucks.

On the Wraith i’ve replaced the front axle gears with the HD ones and shimmed the gears on both axles.  I’ve cleaned up all the shocks and rebuilt the front ones completely . One of the front ones seem to need a new shock cap as it popped of a couple of time during the bleeding .


On the SCX10 i’ve cleaned and rebuilt all of the shocks with the new LRP 30 wt oil and replaced the stock bigger springs with the softer red ones .  The axles i also shimmed  which was a very very very messy job with the grease in them , oh boy was it messy . On the rear gear i’ve changed the output shaft from the wraith gears so its now the newer drilled trough one. Also i’ve switched over the rear shaft to the traxxas .


On the Wraith i’ve tested an idea of putting the mesh on the back of the bed and it looks good . Since the inner fenders are on the way i have opened up the Wraith and removed the body panels and the electronics and will finally finalize the rear placement .

The aftermath part 1

This is what arrived yesterday, all from asiatees

Axial AX30835 Axial SCX10 Aluminum Servo Horn 24T (Hard Anodized)

Axial AX80049 Axial SCX10 Axial LED Lens Set – Yellow/Clear (4pcs)

GPM WR024BK Axial Wraith Aluminum Servo Mount – 3pcs Set Black



I’ve installed the Wraith servo mount and its stronger than the stock one , i’ve also reused the shorter wraith servo plate on the scx10.

on the SCX10 i’ve changed the servo horn the axial alu one , size wise its about the same as the sanded down answer rc one i use on the wraith. i did the sanding by hand before i got the dremel, hence the ghetto look.



The driveshaft which slipped of the yoke was preety bent , so i replaced it with the Traxxas 1951 driveshaft pair . It just slipped on without a problem, good thing i bought it in advance last year.



The Wraith has developed a particular issue in the gearbox , but more on that next time.

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The heat wave that ended last week finally gave me some initiative to get back into RC . Also , the Rc room was being used for something else , so even when i wanted to i couldn’t get anything done.

Anyhow , lastweek a small envelope arrived from the US containing :

– AX30401 Heavy Duty Bevel Gear Set – 36T/14T Over drive gears

– Associated Green Slime

Money is tight , so small upgrades are in order. The Overdrive gears should give the SCX10 Cherokee a better turning circle and improved crawling capabilities . The green slime was just cheap enough to not bump up the postage and it should prove useful when building/rebuilding shocks.




So today i’ve put the RC room into its original role and pulled the front axle of the SCX10 apart and installed the overdrive gears . It was a bit messy (very messy) because of the grease in the axles . Everything went together fine and an extra bonus is that the output shaft is the newer style with the drilled  hole  and the set screw pin .



Took the truck up the Roznik route and there definitely is an improvement in the turning circle when you are moving as the front axle turns faster than the rear one , but the universals are still high on the upgrade list .


Im back , not that i have been away, time just flew by .

Last week a package arrived from my friend Eloy Pinto from Spain , you might remember him for the Wraith droop kit and front battery plate i got last year.

the contents:

Aluminum battery and electronic tray for the SCX10

Cherokee front grill for the Proline 1:10 body


The plate is an another step into lowering the COG of the Cherokee , it comes pre bent , so if you have your transmission mirrored like me , make sure you tell Eloy that so he can bend it the right/wrong way.  The grill is a bit of bling to personalize the Cherokee more .

installation posts will follow soon …

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