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Good news everyone

i’ve finally took the time and cleaned up the RC table, that deserves a post .

you can spot a GT3b  on the left side which now sports a Turnigy 3s  Lipo for power , really easy to mod , undo the three lower screws, take the AA holder out , solder a connector on it and your are done . you can add some padding so the lipo doesn’t move around.

and to round of todays posting , here’s a picture of the built TA03F Pro still waiting for the esc

TA03F Pro rolling chassis


Limited legend

Today culminated with a mega delivery from Germany, Norway and Japan .

lets start with the best :

from  RC Champ International  ,  a big thanks to Masayiko for all the help with customs, and who also went above and beyond the usual service expected . This is my second order and they have made a customer for life!

Tamiya 49377 TA03F Pro Drift Spec (my first limited edition Tamiya, and what better chassis to get than my favorite TA03F )

Tamiya 53779 GT Tuned Motor (a mix up as i’ve only enquired about the price, but i will pay it as soon they get back to me)

from Norway

Tamiya 53238 Quick-Release Battery  Holder (a quite vintage part , but necessary to make the pro version of the TA03f lipo friendly)

from my favorite Tamiya dealer Tamico

Tamiya 51004 TT01 G parts (Mojca striped spur gear replacement)

Carson 13427 19turn module 0,6 steel pinion (for the above, why doesn’t tamiya make steel pinions, it would all be so much easier)

Tamiya 50746 Super Mini shock set (for the M02 Alfa, lets see how this will improve on the handling) 

2x Tamiya Ps-12 Silver paint (i’ve should have ordered that in the last shipment, but somehow forgot, has kept painting progress at a standstill)

Tamiya 87004 Thread lock (to keep those pesky grub screws in the pinion gears in place)

from another german dealer

Tamiya TS-16 Yellow paint 

Tamiya TS-36 Fluorescent Red 

Tamiya 87118 Polycarbonate cleaner (one of the Audi TT bodies has a bit of a black blemish , which really annoys me. this should take care of that)

so this is it for a while, if all goes to plan the shopping is done for the summer .

UPDATE : the Tamiya polycarbonate cleaner does remove Lexan paint extremely well, so if you have paint mishaps or want to repaint a shell , its highly recommended . It really works !  

UPDATE #2 : Heard back from Rc Champs Masayiko, who informed me that the Motor was a gift , what a great service, again , highly recommended !

TrackDay 27.05.2012

spent 6 hours at the track today . Fantastic, we’ve got access to power now so charging is a go . just need two more lipos to bridge the charging time .

Cars used : TA02 BMW 318 STW, TA03F Audi Quattro STW, TA04SS Audi TT DTM, M02 Alfa Romeo Giulia  Junior 1300, TT01E Cusco Subaru.

The Ta02 went much better today than the last time , odd thing is i didn’t change a thing . maybe i’ve got used to the worn tires. the shell is cracked a bit but nothing major , will be shoegooed soon, also the lack of front bumper really shows. The 53145 Hop up bumper is hard to get . The Ta02 could keep up with a carbon brushless car which was clearly faster when i tried it , so the problem was in the driver, who also talked all the time 😉 nevertheless a excellent performance for the old girl.

The Ta03F , with new rebuilt shocks is much more balanced now , also needs a front bumper , but i managed not to crash it until then, so far so good . it ran without a hitch.

The TA04SS, ran superbly , had to tighten the pinion (thread lock on the way ) I also broke a servo saver somehow, but before than i manage to thrash the other two faster cars properly , the short wheel base works really well for the technical local track here .  Also the Audi looks ace .

The M02 was hard to drive, the back kept coming out every time  you are not careful with the throttle , it needs a bit more tweaking and proper shocks (also on the way). i need to tweak the brake power on the ESC as its too much .

The TT01e who Mojca was driving was fine until the spur gear went kaputt when a pebble got in somehow, replacement on the way with a steel pinion. Every time i look into the TT01E im impressed how well it performs for such a cheap kit . All you need is extra bearings and you are good to go for starters.

she still has it 🙂

The instagram double

Also on the spending money that i did not planing to spend front , something really special is on the way in the mail from Japan and Norway, its a limited re release but its not a Bruiser, more to follow soon 🙂

Trackday 19.05.2012

Today we ran at the new Ljubljana track . its still a bit rough , but its a track in Ljubljana (thanks to Mantua Model for making it happen) . I ran the TA03f and TA02 , Mojca TT01E , i did bring along the MO2 Alfa as well , but the pinion was loose (this i found out after a service at home) . in more than 2 hours we got trough all the Lipos (need 4 more) . Overall superb . great racing , minimum crashing.

Some car observations:

The Alfa is like in real life , fantastic looks, mechanical problem.

The Audi ran without a hitch , i need to check the shocks thought, as one of the front ones seems a bit off.

The BMW currently drives like a  RWD car , the tires are quite used up and its really really tail happy .

Mojca Subaru ran perfectly , i reckon its a bit better than old TA02 with bad tires .

the lineup , Alfa true to its scale looks fantastic but has mechanical problems 🙂


well , it was weekend of 50/50 running . On Saturday we sat out on running the road cars, i tried the TA03F Audi A4 STW and Mojca her Subaru, we tested a new car park which was ok , but i forgot to bring the broom , so the sweeping for pebbles was done with our feet. we setup for running and Mojca develops a steering problem early on , so she has to retire, we didn’t bring any spare cars so she got to watch how i flung the Audi around corners. It runs really really good, its a chassis with about 12 years in between building and actual running, i’ve done a bit of a sloppy job back then, but all is fixed this time . i love the sound the belt makes.

So today , i say , lets go run the off roader. This time the i get problems with the Dark Impact,as i was seriously dumb enough to run it without a gearbox cover. it ran really well , while it ran , which was about for 3 minutes. (kinda like a Ferrari 🙂 First time the pinion gear got dislodged, fixed that and , after that some pebble gut behind the spur gear and blocked it all up . what was i thinking. so ill take the gear cover from my DF03RA and also order some M Parts.  Meanwhile the Dual Hunter runs like there’s no tomorrow, no problems to report there. The 20t pinions i ordered still haven’t arrived, but it should be any day now. Next in line is two Sport Tuned motors for the much needed power boost.

so over all a 50/50 weekend. Bask in the beauty of the Quattro !

Tamiya STW Audi A4 Quattro


Body shop

Over the last two days Mojca and me (mostly Mojca 🙂 trimmed 7 body sets in preparation of painting which will proceed by the end of the month if temperatures allow.  The Olfa CMP-1 Compass cutter really helped .

Europe 4 - Japan 1

two days ago i also fixed the broken Lancer body with loads of Shoe Goo and dry wall tape, its not the cleanest of fixes , but the body was in a preety bad state.

the power of Shoe goo

super cracked rear bumper

the split front bumper

good as ... ahm well , used 🙂

and just because i can’t get enough of how beautiful the Audi A4 is (again , thanks to Mojca ) here’s some more pictures of the shell , the TA03 chassis is next in line for tomorrow , so it will get the legs it deserves

Audi A4 STW

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4 rings return

Here it is, after being painted more than a decade ago, now its decaled thank to Mojca ! Thank you very much !!!

i forgot how good these Audis looked.

Tomorrow im rebuilding the chassis it sits on, the TA03F.


There was supposed to be a post on how we ran the TA02 and TT01E yesterday, but the camera battery was empty ,and i didn’t see a point in posting without pictures.

beautiful isn't she ?


Chassis check

i finaly did a chassic check of the status of my in storage chassises . im please to report but the TA03 run perfectly . That one i need to open , but ill wait till the ball bearings arrive before i do that . Also , i only need two ESCs which is cool as well.

TA02 BMW 318 STW


TA02 , a bit dusty but working perfectly


TA03F , not working , seems like the gears inside are loose, first on the work list

M03L , also working perfectly , missing an ESC


FF01, my first car, again working perfectly , missing an ESC


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