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Boxed Cold Foams Flip Less

Lets do a little round up of the work done since last time

Foam changes


1.9 on the left , 2.2 foam on the right

I’ve taken the SCX10 wheels apart and replaced the foams with some proline 2.2 foams i had in the Dual Hunter . This was done to improve the firmness of the side wall of the 4.19″ Baja Claws . Did it work ?  Check Bellow .

Stock foam on the left , 2.2 foam on the right

Stock foam on the left , 2.2 foam on the right

As the picture shows , the 2.2 foamed tire holds its form a bit better , but is still soft enough to bite into obstacles.  One issue with this is , that the foam im currently using is memory foam which reacts to temperature and gets harder when it gets colder, more on that later .

Electronics tidying up


no more wiring mess

The wiring mess i got after relocating the electronics to the plate was bugging me ever since, also i had this nagging feeling in the back of my head that a cable will get snagged in the spur . I got two project boxes with good dimensions (90x50x32)  at the local electronics supplier and made a spacer to mount them above the screws of the plate. I used Velcro for the final installation so the boxes are easily removable.


notice the shoddy cut by the switch 😀

The right box holds the ESC and the BEC (with a fixed cable which was causing the weird cut outs. The cable also got an extension). The Esc and BEC cable is in a cable protector and routed under the battery plate to the other side . I also badly cut a hole for the on/off switch. The left box contains the LED controller and the receiver . The only exposed cables are the motor wires which are in a makeshift brace so they don’t flop around and the power cables which are now just long enough.

Field Testing




All the work above was done on various evenings , The test  was done today in the late afternoon. It lasted an hour and a half and the route was a the extended Roznik one . The ground was a bit softer than usual as it has  been raining on and of for the last couple of days . The electronic boxes held up perfectly even after some epic rollovers , so nothing to add there. They kept the inside area nice and clean even with the opened rear area which i still haven’t fixed.

before it would roll at this point

before it would roll at this point

The tires improved very very much on the side hill stability , it still rolls , but at a much much steeper grade than before . The foams might be a bit too stiff on the traction side but this is probably a side effect of the memory foam getting hard because of the cold temperatures (it was around 12-15 degrees) but it was still an over all improvement on the stocks because i wasn’t rolling over every time i took a hill sideways.  I’ll probably get a set of different foams to see if that helps. The rear tires need a bit more bite to it.

no roll today

no roll anymore

One thing I’m thinking is that i will probably need some taller tires as the ground clearance could be a bit higher . Im not thinking of a huge increase, 7mm which the Pitbulls offer over the Baja Claws.  But that will open a whole new can of problems with body rubbing and a need for wheel arches . Also , i want to add some lights to the body and the bumpers and the sliders.


Lil Squeaky

Whilst i was out yesterday I decided that today i would take the Wraith the same route up Roznik to do a fresh comparison of the two trucks


Here it is :

– the Wraith needs to slow down , right now its too fast and maybe i’ve been spoiled by the low end of the new 35t ,but i feel it needs a bit more low end grunt , ill try the smallest pinion i have first.

– the difference of the wide stance makes a big difference on climbing

– i still manage to make some flips over the rears, so a set of overdrive gear might be in order

– the steering circle in tight spaces is still tight.

– whilst i got up some of the obstacles the scx-10 has had issues , the wraith got hung up on some the scx-10 had no problems, especially on the narrow parts.


– the front tires need more weight,as the fronts seem to light .

– speaking of tires , they also need better foams

– i forgot how strong the Savox servo is .

– there is some squeaking going on when the links flex , might also be the cvds that need a shot of WD40, also on closer inspection the front upper links are bent a bit, that needs replacing too.

– a rebuild of the drive train is in order as the rear diff sometimes clicks.

– as on the scx-10 i need to finalize the wiring and move the esc to the back to make space for a servo winch.


– the hood needs some more magnets as it opened once on a particularly heavy rollover

– after an hour i believe the LVC kicked in, it must be the combo of the bigger tires, faster (25t) motor and the heavier weight.  I forgot to bring a spare 😀

– i was thinking that if i had to recommend a vehicle for someone to get into scaling it would still be the Wraith over a SCX10 , its a bit more forgiving and easier to transit from a faster vehicle.


The other day i’ve installed a 35t motor into the SCX10 , its this one , it comes from the same factory as the King Bolt, Ansmann and RC4WD and it was a bit cheaper than the Tamiya CR35 (cheap enough shipped for no customs 🙂 ) . Before the installation it went trough a break in procedure of 5 min at 3v and 5min at 5v. The top speed is a bit lower than the stock 27t axial , but the low end control and the torque is visibly better, also it still has plenty of wheel speed to clear the tires .

notice the new motor

notice the new motor

since i had the truck electronics opened i did a bit of cable management . The LED and Servo Wires went into a spiral hose to protect them, also i somehow managed to break one of the white LEDs so i replaced the simple axial light controller with a GT Power one , this one makes the front and rear lights be at 50 % when not moving and they light up more when you give it some speed/brake. I have to fiddle around with it some more when install the light buckets to the body . Also i’ve shoe gooed the light bucket covers which my dad painted with his steady hand to keep them from falling of  as per usual.

a bit neater

a bit neater

The old bent steering link was always turning down and getting caught on everything, i made a new one and added the aluminium tube as to the lower links and bent it a bit to clear the pumpkin, also i’ve made a new drag link and moved it to the other side so its now longer and it should be better on the steering. With with the aluminium tubing the links looks so much better now. Notice on the upper picture that the wheels are a bit toe out , this should help with the turning circle a bit more as well.


Things i still need to do is make a servo wire extension so i can move  the Castle BEC next to the motor . Also i need to make some kind of a bracket for cable routing , and get a project box to put the light controller and the receiver into it as the axial one is a bit tight on space.  Oh and get better two sided tape .

This was a  summary of the work done since last time and now to todays trail report.

notice the new steering link

notice the nice new steering link

The 2 hour classic route on Roznik was a shakedown after all the new improvements : CVDS, 35t motor, new lower and steering links.

The ground was a bit softer than usual as it was raining for the last week, that allowed to test the wheel speed of the new 35t on loose ground. Im loving the new motors low end control and more torque.

more control

more control

The new made links slider much better , ill probably make some bent ones when i get a proper bender to see if that reduces the high centering , especially the rear could use a bit more clearance , if that does not help ill get a bit taller tire , but thats not really something i would like to do as it would take the truck into class 2 .


turns better

All the improvements to the turning circles are paying of , the lines i can take are tighter and turning around is easier , but im not there yet, some high steer knuckles and the accompanying aluminium c hubs are the final step.

taller tires maybe ?

a bit of flex

The second part of route i spend bouncing up and down ledges. I made a little ad hoc video about it . Enjoy!





the original … without the mod


Eloy’s Cherokee Grill and the battery plate are installed . The  grill does not line up perfectly with the stickers , but i presume its better if you apply the stickers and the grill at the same time during the build. To remedy the grill stickers being misaligned, i’ve put a fine mosquito mesh painted black behind it with a bit of shoe goo to secure it . It’s a subtle detail but very rewarding . Before i bought it was thinking of painting it black , but i kinda like the way it is .

with the added mesh behind

with the added mesh behind

The battery plate Eloy makes helps so much with lowering the center of gravity . The improvement is significant ,add to that i’ve vented the wheels and the improvement gets even better . its a well recommended accessory for any SCX10. I need to redo the electronics wiring to the new layout and reapply waterproofing , but for the summer it will stay the way it is .

the wiring needs a bit of work

the wiring needs a bit of work

To test it all out , the usual Roznik route was in order and i am well happy with the improvements. The weight behind the front axle helps with climbing, another thing i did to the suspension is to put the front shocks on the rear most top mounting hole , this provides a bit more travel to the shocks. Last time i wrote that i need to raise the preload to prevent high centering, but in the end i did the exact opposite with only so much preload that the springs don’t flop around, as now the weight balance allows me to hop/drag the rear tires over the ledge , just like the 1:1 rigs do .On the part of the trail with loads of roots i had problems with last time , no more problems 😀 Also , the front over roll overs seem to have disappeared, only got them at one point where i was going front first downhill over a ledge.


climbs better ,much better

The only issue i have at the moment is that the rear axle is a bit out of position. That’s a side effect of fixing the angle of the rear drive shaft , so i need to play around with the rear links to fix that. The truck seems quieter now, but thats a plus. I have lost the damn front headlight cover again , so i need to paint the new one and glue the sucker into place.




Yesterday i removed the stick on wheel weights which were causing bad tire performance and replaced them with the super hard to get flexible window leading, which a friend of mine sent from the UK.

It comes in a 9mm strip which is flexible and easy to mold into the trough of the Axial 1.9 beadlock . The weight advantage is a bit less that with the stick ons , but for placing its excellent .


170gram per front wheel and 85 per rear wheel

Last time out i noticed a bit of a squeak , so i’ve oiled the driveshaft cups a bit , also i’ve improved the rear pinion angle by making longer upper links. And i’ve cut two bolts down a bit to prevent rubbing on the driveshaft at extreme flex.


deforming again

Today I took it up Roznik again , over the same  route as two days ago and the difference is massive, the front tires deform again and climb. I think i can improve the fronts even more by tweaking with the foams. It was really muddy so the claws got clogged up quickly ,but still held up nicely .


The center of gravity is still too high so i will have to relocate the battery lower , also i need to tweak the ride height because i got high centered a couple times.



all in all i am quite pleased , i’ve solved the tire weight problem , also i’ve managed to find the light cover which is missing in all the pictures 😀

Trouble with Weights

Took the SCX10 up Roznik today which illustrated a couple of problems with the added weights .


If you look at the tires in comparison to when they were not weighted , they look puffed up, thats because the stick on weights increase the diameter of the wheel and that makes the foam bunched up and of centered , it also makes the wheels out of balance , especially the heavier fronts . The fronts also become much much stiffer and loose grip and climbing ability because of this.


Also i’ve experienced a lot of nose overs flips when going down hill , which i presume is exaggerated because of the lack deformation issue . So the weights are coming of and a different solution is in the mail, it should have arrived today .


Those black painted axial 1.9 beadlocks and gear head RC rings sure look nice don’t they ! much better than the stock ones.


oh, one more thing, i’ve changed to the smallest body clips i could find because i kept loosing the big ones , these seem to stay put better , even after about 30-40 rollovers today.


I have a little over a week to fix those issues before the trucks come with me to the seaside .


Cerknica lake crawl

Yesterday we took a half a day trip to Cerknica and the famous intermittent Cerknica lake.



There was a small wooded areas with some logs ,rocks , maybe a bit too flat  but it ended  on the lake bank

Mojca drove the Wraith for the whole run and i the SCX10 Cherokee.





The only modification from last time was flipping the tires around so the thread pattern is upside down, according to the internets the tire works even better , and oh boy is it better than the stock proline flat irons the rtr came with .



Back to the new RC4WD 1.9 mickey Thompson Baja claws . on this type of terrain i would say they are better than the 2.2 axial ripsaws , but it might also be something to do with the foams. Thats very near the top of the to be improved list .



The rocks on the lake bank offered a chance to finally do some proper rock climbing. It was mostly ledges of slate at near vertical inclines . The Cherokee went up them like a mountain goat. And the bit where it got stuck , a bit of throttle jumped it over.  Its still a bit top heavy , but i plan to add weights to the wheels anyway , so that will fix that . Currently its at 2.40kg whilst the Wraith is at 3.60kg .20130501-cerknica5


I got stuck on the front bumper a few times, but that will be improved with the custom tube bumper which is in the works . Also some cosmetic changes are in the mail as well.





Finally out

I can’t describe the joy i’m feeling again. After god knows how long , the weather has cleared up and Mojca and me took the crawlers out .

It was a blast . A solid hour and a half blasting up various slopes in Stanezice.



It was also a great comparison of the wraith and the scx10 . im amazed how well the cherokee climbs, now with the 106 mickey thompsons it can get up any rock the wraith can . The new bent steering link also improved on the steering , but it does need cvds and high clearance knuckles. The only problem i had was that it stopped responding to the transmitter twice , but a power on off cycle fixed that . Also lost 3  body clips during a roll.

the new tires sure make a difference

the new tires sure make a difference

The Wraith performed flawlessly , the Mamba Max Pro sure makes a difference . The drag brake is amazing . You can brute force it up most loose stuff or go slowly when the ground is solid. The  hinged hood held up as well during a couple of rolls .

double wipeout

double wipeout

Great first outing overall ,we both had a blast .  Here is the rest of the pictures .





Fender Bender

Today was the glorious first ride of the Cherokee SCX10, its been a long time coming .

Yesterday the last pre-requisite was completed yesterday , that was the enlarging of the wheel wells to accommodate flex.

cue the pictures…










I need to improve the steering throw, but that will require some parts…


i know i know, another Wraith post , isn’t this blog called SPS Tamiya ??  well, i am currently pre obsessed with the Wraith , that is true , blame it on the Crawler bug, but  also i am saving the Tamiyas for when the weather gets bad, so ill have something to post , so bare with me . There is plenty of the good stuff still coming, just need to get some parts in.

Back to the Wraith, last week i did the cable braiding on the front cables, so they don’t stand out that much , quite satisfied with that, about 2 meters of braiding went into this, its not finished, since i’ve ran out of braiding, but more is on the way . lets say it’s 2/3 done. the only thing that needs improving is the battery connection, the current cables are too bulky, need to work on that . The wiring is provisonal on the back, because i need to decide on how to hide it, and since i’ve braced the rear shock mount with two axial black links the clearance is a bit tight for an usual project box.

much much cleaner wiring now.

On Saturday i went to run the Wraith, got it all set up , just too find out that transmitter battery was empty, swearing ensured. turns out that i’ve set the Low voltage alarm too low so that didn’t kick in and the battery got dangerously discharged, luckily not fatal. i’ve fixed that and set the in-activity alarm on the hacked GT3b (one of the many nifty features the hacked firmware allows). I’ve lost a wheel nut today whilst dissembling the Wraith , so i can fit it into my backpack. Also need to find a way of cleaning the tires of mud after the run.

on my “workbench” in the woods, note the muddy tires

and now, for those who are truly interested, here are the 3 not so short and boring movies i made today. the frame is a bit static, but i don’t have a GoPro on hand. So here we go, featuring the dig , the hacked GT3b , me coughing and a couple of rolls down the hill. nothing broke 😀

and hats of to you if you make it trough all of them, they are nothing special, but this is what my Wraith is, and as Jang from URC said: “go and find some unedited videos of the Wraith on youtube and see if you like it”. i did , and i do like , i love it !

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