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Beefed … SCX10 REBUILD PART -2

Got started with the rebuild of the axles . First the rear :


it was  dirty following the season and G6 final. But cleaning the outside wasn’t a problem , cleaning the grease from the inside was quite a job.



half a can of degreaser and lots of scrubbing with an old toothbrush the axle housings were clean and smelling lemony


The rebuild parts list:

– SCX10 full bearing kit from FastEddy Bearings

– Axial AX30395 HD gear set

– Vanquish AX10 lockouts

– Hot Racing Axial Wraith steel unibody diff locker

– Beef tubes

– GCM racing 4link truss 



Before installing the beef tubes you need grind of the lip on the end of the axle cases which originally hold the bearing in place


its easy with a dremel and a sanding stone. this has to be done on both sides of both the axle case halves.


The Hot racing spool is a nice improvement of on the original. the shafts fit nicely with a bit of friction but not too much, its also a one piece design with a bit more weight .


after placing the rear straight axle shaft into the spool i have noticed that they are bent, the right side especially. This must have happened because of the plastic lockouts and the axle cases flexing under heavy load. I have ordered new replacements, but proceeded with the build to see how bad it would effect rotation .


Im using TF2 Lithium grease for the gears. It is not as thick as the one i used before but it should work fine and application is much more precise. For the installation of beef tubes it is recommended to drill and tap a second second hole into each one to fix it to the axle casing. A tip for an easier tapping job is to use some cooling oil and go slow. Its a much easier job.


The final product . I’ve cut of the top mounts of the case as they are not needed anymore and put on the GCM truss. It is super solid. The lockouts went on fine on one side and a bit harder on the other due to the fact that the axle case is warped just slightly one one side. The bent straight shaft was probably on that side. Once i span it around i have taken it apart again and the parts are currently waiting for the replacement shafts to arrive. Then i went to the front axle.


The front axle went together pretty much the same. The case is also warped a bit but the shaft are straight and you can only notice it if you spin the gears. There is a small tighter spot on the gear but its already almost disappeared after i have put it on the cordless drill for a couple of minutes. With a proper run in, it should completely disappear. You might have noticed that the posts are gone. Thats because a proper CMS is in the mail !


Lets Review 2013


another year done , lets do some stats:

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 19.36.19

top 20 visiting countries


This blog was viewed about 5,900 times

The visitors came from 80 countries, most of them from Slovenia. The United States & The United Kingdom were not far behind.

In 2013, there were 37 new posts

183 pictures were uploaded, taking up a total of 42 MB. That’s about 4 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was May 25th with 87 views



i bought 1 new RC kit , the Sawback , a coaxial heli and trainer plane

sold some parts 

bought lots of hop ups 

the best tool bought were the EDS metric bit driver heads.

saved up money and spent it wisely



things to do in 2014:

– do some on road again 

sell the Blitz

– finish the Lexan Blitzer Beetle body

– finish leftovers from last year

complete the D110


oh boy , its been a month of no posts. shame on me .

i haven’t done much, sold some stuff,  mostly cleaned up the work area , but that is not finished as well , so mostly RC is in parking mode at the moment. Also the shitty snowy weather outside is also not that stimulating. an there was the DIY shackle disaster as the drills in this country are poop.

But , things are on the way from all corners of the earth , so think of this down period as the calm before the storm. Also , lets all hope the snow goes away soon.


"parking lot"

“parking lot”

Lets Review 2012

its time to review the year 2012 .

Blog stats:

– started on February 25 2012 , about two to three weeks after i got back into it RC .

– it had bout 4200 views 

– the most popular day was the 28th of October with 78 views

– Visitors came from 73 countries ! Most came from Slovenia. The United States & The United Kingdom were not far behind.

– 265 pictures uploaded ,thats 5 per week.


top 20 countries

RC Stats:

– i own 15 RC vehicles, 12 Tamiyas, 2 Axials, 1 HPI

– i bought 2 kits this year, 8new ones and 4 used , out of the each there was one RTR

– i sold 5 kits, everything nitro had to go 

– painted 11 bodies , mojca did the decals on 5 

– Custom paint jobs : 3

– used up 25 cans of Tamiya PS paint 

– toasted two motors and one esc

– puffed one lipo

– rolled at least 100 times 

– lost many pins and screws 

– spent …. Too much !


– Onroad : TA03F followed by TA04SS

– Offroad : Blitzer Beetle followed by Dual Hunter

– Crawler : Wraith followed by SCX10

– Color : Tamiya PS-14 Copper

– Motor: Tamiya GT Tuned followed by Turnigy TrackStar 10.5T Sensored Brushless Motor

– ESC:  Hobbyking Sensored 60A followed by Tamiya Teu302BK

– Tool : 3racing ball cup tool followed by Eagle Racing Hex driver set 


Uncompleted projects:

– TB01 Rebuild

– DF03 Rebuild

– Dual Hunter Rebuild

– Wraith hood mod

– Blitzer Beetle Racing shell 

Pushed into 2013: 

– Motor and ESC change for the Wraith

– improve steering on SCX10

– Build TL01

– Build FF02

– Build FF01

– Rebuild FF01

– make custom battery holder for TA03F Pro

– do a proper showcase for each model

– film more

– drive more

– crawl more

spend less !!!!!

– get a tb03, a m05 for me and mojca, a rc4wd trailfinder 2, and another car for Mojca ,all if the money situation allows.

– get a soldering station

– get a GT3c for Mojca and dual duty for the SCX10


All that is left for me, is to thank you my dear readers, and wish you a happy and prosperous RC year 2013 ! 

Thank you !

Mercedes must go

im selling the Body set from my Tamiya TG10 Mercedes Benz CLK Original Teile DTM 2000. i’ve broken up the kit a while back , already sold the engine and muffler .

Its unused , with plastic parts , decals and the snap pin , rubber o ring set also included.

Tamiya Mercedes DTM 2000 Body set

its listed on Ebay , so if anyone is interested , let me know you’ve seen it here and you will get a discount !


I prepare everything to start building the df-03ra datsun then figure out that i have no instant cement, which is required in the first step. it used to be used just for tires . dang. Build postponed to tomorrow.

a new beginning …

i got my first RC sometime in the early 90s in Strasbourg  when my dad bought me a Tamiya Ford Mondeo BTCC .  that was  many years ago.  Recently i had to move stuff out of my room as my mother is selling the house . The most important things were books and my Tamiyas . so here it is, my collection which was basically in cold storage for 10 years. ill blog a bit about my models and the passion which is tamiya.

My collection :

Tamiya 58143: Ford Mondeo 

Tamiya 58183: Volvo 850 BTCC  

Tamiya 58189: Martini Alfa 155 

Tamiya 58187: ALFA Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA 

Tamiya 58171: BMW 318I STW 

Tamiya 58184: Fighter Buggy 

Tamiya 44028: Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM 2000 Orignal teile 

two Tamiya TGX chassises with a Subaru , Calibra DTM and Skyline body.

a couple 1:10 tamiya body shells (AUDI A4 STW, Peugeot 406 STW)

and a HPI MT-2 RTR

thats enough for the first post .

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